Blue Charm Blus Active Noise Cancelling Earphone Released at 199 yuan, $31


Today, the return of Blue Charm first new product — Blue Charm blue Blus (Bruce) active noise reduction headphone officially released, 199 yuan, $31, it has been in meizu mall, Meizu official flagship of Tmall, Meizu blue Jingdong official flag synchronous sales.

It is understood that Blue Charm Blus active noise reduction headset bearing Blue Charm has always been the product attitude, “young good product” many distinct properties in this headset reflected incisively and vividly, such as excellent quality, excellent design, comfortable noise reduction, surging sound quality and close to the people price.

In terms of design, the earphone charging box adopts high density spraying process, feel lubrication, scratch resistance and scratch resistance. At the same time, the earphone takes the real human ear as the model, and creates the supersensory enjoyment of wearing by testing the auricle of different people.

In terms of sound quality, Blue Charm Blus active noise-cancelling earphone adopts a 12mm super-large frequency divider diaphragm. Through the frequency divider diaphragm design combined with soft TPU and rigid LCP, the bass of earphone is loud and the treble is more transparent.

It is worth mentioning that the headset also has a maximum depth of 30dB active noise reduction and up to 5000MHz ultra broadband ANC active noise reduction, even in a noisy subway or noisy streets, you can also enjoy pure music feast.

Not only that, the Blus active noise reduction headset adopts double MIC smart call noise reduction, through the best position of the double MIC, so that the voice beamforming, combined with ENC algorithm to make the human voice more clear and natural.

At the same time, it also supports the adaptive call noise reduction function in a variety of environments, even if the environment is noisy, the call can still not be disturbed.

In terms of battery life, the earphone is equipped with 43mAh large-capacity battery, which can last up to 6.5 hours for a single battery. When used with a charging box, the battery life can last up to 30 hours. In addition, the earphone also supports wired and wireless charging methods.

As for other configurations: Blus active noise cancelling headphones support BT5.2 connection protocol, dual-ear dual-transmission, master/slave switch, and IPX4 waterproof.

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Functionally, the headset supports the Flyme connection function. Just open the cover of the headset box, and the system can pop up to remind you of the convenient connection.


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