BOBOVR Z5 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Headset Flash Sale in Banggood just at $29.99


BOBOVR Z5 connected with Day dream platform,it is more easy intersting and economic to experiance the VR. Nine-axsi IMU of the VR controller can tracking your movement on the hand, using together with BOBOVR Z5 will make the interaction easier,and more like reality.


It is made of baby skin raw material,the nordic gray and skeleton design blend together,supplemented by advanced,processing technology,to achive comfort,softness non-slip wear resistant.This light Z5 also carried out the weight ratio improvement again long time wear,and will greatly reduce the head fatigue with only weight 350g is convenient to handle. You can adjust the tightness of head ring freely,shaking your head as you want,no need to worry about falling,protecting the cell phone security.


Daydream is a high quality mobile VR platform uses can play games,read news,watch movies,concert in the Daydream home apps center. Z5 is provided with 720 degree surrounded stereo,it can restore real round,and the HIFI ear flap can isolate the noise.We combine modern technology with traditional aesthetic and let Z5 take a more partial pressure scheme and you will marvel at its lightness. IPD adjustment funchion enables the distance between the lenses to correctly watch every users inter pupillary distance. (THe Distance Between the center of the pupils in both eyes)to have extended range.


The price of this new BOBOVR Z5 smart headset is only $29.99 on BANGGOOD to watch movies in 3D from your smart phone to the headphone. If you are looking 3D virtual reality VR glasses,you can check this out.


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