BOELEO Dictionary Translation Pen Scanner Review – For Just €67.99 From TOMTOP


Translate any words or sentences in a foreign language you listen to or see on paper, screen, or anything you can take pictures of. Traveling? International trade? Learning a new language? Simply take Boeleo Dictionary Translation Pen Scanner with you, and language is not a barrier anymore! It has the biggest data memory of 1GB RAM +16 GB storage which suggests a much greater rate of translation as well as accessibility to saved data.


This Boeleo W1 voice translator with super mini design weighs only 90g/3.2oz, you can put it in your pocket or wallet easily. With high-sensitive and high-fidelity speakers, no need to worry about the surrounding noises. With a 3.5-inch IPS touchscreen and  340 x 800 QVGA resolution, giving you a wonderful visual experience! it’s easy to connect the Wi-Fi; moreover, it can show the text of translating in case of wrong translating. The Professional dictionary scanning pen built-in 2.75 million words, available for scanning and translation of 116 languages Online,  11 languages translate offline by scanning or photo translation.

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With a 23mm macro camera at 120FPS, Boeleo captures words once the scanner crosses the words. No matter how quickly you scan, Boeleo can capture every letter and record it on the screen. Once scanning finishes, Boeleo translates and reads the translation for you instantly. The default translate mode is scan. When the nib senses the right amount of pressure, it seamlessly captures every letter and outputs accurate translation neatly paralleling the scan. There are 11 languages supported in offline mode. It can scan and translate even if it is disconnected from the Internet. Boeleo is not limited to scanning and translating words on paper. Screens of mobile phones, tablets like iPads, laptops, and computers can also be scanned.


Click on a single word in the sentence, you can understand and learn the meaning of the word and its pronunciation. Improve the efficiency of language learning. Scan words, sentences, paragraphs, or even pages you’d like to excerpt and have them immediately converted to text stored on Boeleo. You can download it on a laptop and edit it anytime you want. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €67.99 (Inclusive of VAT) with duty- free shipping.


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