Xiaomi Mijia G1 MJSTG1 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $147.99/€125.79 From TOMTOP


Xiaomi Mijia G1 MJSTG1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a worthy representative of the family of high-quality independent equipment at an adequate price. An excellent option for a smart device for a moderate price with a maximum set of functions, cutting-edge navigation, and high-quality assembly. Mijia G1 is the newest robot vacuum cleaner that will take care of house cleaning, making your life easier. It can clean even the smallest particles as small as 3 microns with a three-stage filtration system that includes nylon, cotton, and HEPA filters.


The compact size of the Xiaomi Mijia G1 MJSTG1 allows the robot to easily penetrate under furniture or drive close to a wall to collect debris in corners and along eaves. The delivery set includes the necessary accessories: microfiber for wet cleaning of floors; a powerful central brush, and side nozzles with long bristles. On the body of the device, there is a small button panel for activating and selecting the desired operating mode, but in practice, it is more convenient to control it from a smartphone through a special application. Here, the main operating data is saved, you can also observe the movement of the device in real-time and, if necessary, redirect the vacuum cleaner to another place.

The Xiaomi Mijia G1 MJSTG1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner tank is not only more capacious (200ml); it is also very easy to remove. Thanks to this, you do not need to turn the robot over to change the rag. The water supply is regulated via the app and is available in 3 levels. The robot easily overcomes obstacles up to 17 mm high, and even more easily penetrates under sofas or furniture. The height of the case is only 82 mm, the same as that of the older model Xiaomi Mijia Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1C.

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Xiaomi Mijia G1 MJSTG1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner adopts a Japanese NIDEC motor; which provides a large suction force of up to 2200 Pa, can quickly remove dust particles of various sizes. With the G1 vacuum cleaner, users can also set 4 levels of suction power for different surfaces. The silent suction mode can remove dust and hair. Standard suction mode allows you to clean paper, sunflower seeds, etc. Medium suction is suitable for cleaning dirt particles. And finally, the strong suction mode is designed to remove metal particles; steel balls and is suitable for deep cleaning of various surfaces. In addition to the vacuum cleaner function, the Mijia G1 robot supports wet cleaning. For this, it has a 200 ml water tank with leakage protection.

The Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can control; the Mijia smart APP to help users easily control the device remotely. With the mobile app, users can monitor and control the operation of the vacuum cleaner; view cleaning data, cleaning area, cleaning time and remaining battery power.  The 3-level filtration system helps remove all dust particles to avoid secondary contamination. The first filter is a nylon filter that quickly filters large dust particles. The second layer of the filter is a cotton filter that prevents dust from entering again; extending the life of the HEPA filter. Finally, the HEPA filter effectively filters particles down to 3 microns.

The intelligent navigation system with high precision gyroscope is also used to enable the robot vacuum cleaner to move more precisely. It is able to climb obstacles with a height of 17 mm and has a built-in anti-fall sensor. The Mijia G1 MJSTG1 has a battery capacity of up to 2500mAh and can operate for 90 minutes in standard mode; automatically returning to the charger when the battery is low.


The Xiaomi Mijia G1 MJSTG1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is now quite an affordable and useful cleaning robot and is on sale now at TOMTOP for a decent amount of $147.99 and with several perks such as free shipping from Germany warehouse with no tax.


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