Boeleo W1, AI Touch Control Voice Translator That Works with 45 Different Languages For Just $99.99


Traveling is one of the great pleasures of life. It offers unparalleled experiences and unforgettable memories. However, one of the great obstacles that can limit it is the language barrier. If you go independently, not having a guide makes you depend on apps on your smartphone if you have a data plan or connection available via WiFi. Better take your BOELEO W1, a smart translator that will get you out of trouble and that is available on Gearbest, TomTop, and Banggood in your handbag or wallet.

The use of this translator made by the BOELEO brand is extremely simple. It is enough to tell him the dialogue you want to transmit to your receiver, in the person’s language, so that he can listen and respond to you. That answer will be translated as soon as you hear it and you can have an answer to your question. That’s it, fast and interactive.

Technically the BOELEO W1 has an IPS screen of 2.8 inches, with VGA resolution of 320 × 240. The memory is 1 GB in RAM and 8 GB in ROM. The processor is the MT6739W with four cores. Use Android version 7 and the sound is 3D stereo. Run in 4G networks through a SIM Card, but also WIFI 802.11 a / b / g / neither to 2.4G or 5G if you want to connect to a network. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. The data transmission speed is 150 Mbps.

To take pictures of content that you want to translate, – such as menus, business cards or signs -, the BOELEO W1 has a front camera of 13 MP and the back is 5 MP with flash. For an optimal result, it is desirable that the content be large and clear. The best thing is that it has support for 45 languages and mini voice recorder, for the dialogs that you record to be translated.

This intelligent translation device even uses eight language systems so the translation of the language is correct (97% accuracy) and although you try to make it understood, sometimes saying a word with incorrect pronunciation makes it difficult to communicate, but not with the BOELEO W1 and it does so in just 0.2 seconds.

BOELEO W1 is compatible with the translation systems of Microsoft, iFLYTEK, Baidu, and Google, so it is impossible for you to run out of support and the translations are done in real time, so you do not waste time on your face-to-face communications, even, incorporating up to 500 people in a conversation, which is practical for conferences where you want to be in contact with attendees.

Due to its size, the BOELEO W1 is easy to carry, since it does not take up much space (it measures 12.9 × 5.8 × 1.26cm) and it is not heavy (122 grams). You can choose between silver, gray or blue, with the housing made of aluminum.

The battery is 2080 mAh, which offers 400 minutes of use without recharging or 120 hours in standby mode and with 500 recharge uses. Yes, only record 60 minutes continuously. Uses USB Type C 2.0, with fast charging. It can be set as the default language, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese or Chinese.

Whether you use the BOELEO W1 as a translator or a mini voice recorder with noise elimination, it is a necessary product if you do not want to carry your smartphone, to support you to communicate. In fact, it even works as a hotspot when connecting up to four devices.

If you are interested in this BOELEO W1 AI Translator, it is available for sale at Gearbest, TomTop, and Banggood at a very attractive price of $99.99, since it has a 53% discount. Its regular price is $211.11, The package also includes a headset plus a data cable and user manual. Further details on the official website of the manufacturer.


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