Breaking News! Oneplus 5 Will Charge Full in Half Hour


Recently, Oneplus 5  has been leaked much news from its official and other insiders, especially its renderings and packages, we can not even tell which one is correct. When we are expecting the real design of Oneplus 5, Oneplus has shown Oneplus 5 design in the other unique way.

According to oneplus official Weibo, in order to keep mystery, Oneplus 5 is under Oneplus 3T completely, but according to this photo, we can see some information. Oneplus 3T will be a little larger than Oneplus 5. So we can confirm Oneplus 5 will have smaller dimensions. Previously it is said Oneplus 5 will use 5.5 inch screen, we can’t exclude the phone will use bezel-less design, so its screen to body ratio will be also improved. And Oneplus CEO, Pete Lau has once leaked Oneplus 5 will be the lightest and thinnest  flagship.

In fact, customers will expect more about Oneplus 5 from large number of renderings leaked before.There are two reliable renderings which are similar to the real design above.

However, Oneplus 5 will be also the best phone in its camera, which is said to be the most powerful photographing flagship in the world. Besides, Oneplus 5 will bring new technology, it will be charged full from 0 to 100% in only half hour. Snapdragon QC4.0 can not do that until now. Huawei Honor Magic will also just charge 90% in half hour. So Xiaomi MI6 with QC3.0 can not compete with it.

Oneplus 5 battery has been reduced to 3,300mAh battery compared with Oneplus 3T with 3,400mAh battery,And it will still use 1080P Samsung screen like Oneplus 3T. Pete Lau said before it will not affect smartphone experience.

Although previously the news said Oneplus 5 will be released on June 15, but right now we haven’t been confirmed by its official. Oneplus CEO has leaked more news about it, Oneplus 5 will be released soon. Stay tuned.


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