BroadLink RM-Pro WiFi Remote Controller for Home Appliances for Flash Sale at $22.99


In our work and life, a good or high quality remote controller is necessary and important. Right now we introduce this brand remote controller for your good choice, it is BroadLink RM-Pro wifi remote controller to control all IR devices or appliances that you have. And it can also control those RF appliances which support 433MHz & 315 Mhz frequencies throughout your home.


BroadLink RM-Pro has 114 x 109 x 36mm dimensions, which has light and beautiful and unique design, made of infrared transmitting material, and petal shape emission light. It is easy to use, first, scan QR code to download app, insert power input, input WIFI password,set succeed.

Hardware and Features

BroadLink RM-Pro has 5V DC input voltage, more than 1A input current, 38K IR frequency, less than 1W wireless consumption, 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n wifi frequency,  Multi-vector control direction, and 433 / 315MHz. radio frequency. As for features, it support WIFI remote control, scene setting, app compatibility and IFTTT & Self-Learning Setting Function.


BroadLink RM-Pro can control your TV, DVD player, light switches, and other appliances to support IR or RF with 433MHz & 315 Mhz frequencies. It is very convenient and easy to control all of your appliances, sometimes we need to make our life more intelligent by a small budget gadget. Right now it is in flash sale at $ 22.99.


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