Buy 9D Arcade Console with 2700 in 1 Games For Just $145.99 at TOMTOP (Flash Sale)


9D Arcade Console offers users 2700 games. While allowing users to return to childhood fun, Pandora Box 9D also offers users the opportunity to experience modern games. This brand new system will make the Pandora box more interesting.

Buy 9D Arcade Console with 2700 in 1 Game from TOMTOP

The 9D Arcade Console has a new function that the other Pandora box does not have, we call that function of the favorites list. Using the favorite list function, you can add your favorite game to the “favorite game list” it shows on the home page, so you can find them faster and save more time to play your desired games. 9D Arcade Console support 1280×720 HDMI and VGA high definition output, HDMI arcade console, the output resolution is 48% clearer than Pandora Box. With compatibility with all HD TV screen and personal computer, you will have a wonderful viewing experience.

9D Arcade Console offers users a better gaming experience, we have introduced this personalized function. Players can adjust the button definition order according to what they want. In addition, Pandora 9D also supports multiplayer online games, for up to four people at a time. 9D Arcade Console Supports VGA & HD Output with max. 1280*720 output resolution. When connecting to a computer via USB port, the console works as a gamepad only. Compatible with all HDTV, PC, for PS3, monitor, projector and so on. Just plug and play. When connecting to PS3, the console works as joystick only. Players can custom the button order for their own needs, thus getting a better gaming experience.

Supports game pause function. Press the PAUSE button on the console to suspend the game but not lose the game progress. After pausing, if you do not continue to play for a long time, it will exit back to the Home screen. 9D Arcade Console LED-backlit acrylic top panel is both elegant and durable. The controls are precise and solid. The ultra-thin all-metal chassis is fan-cooled and features a built-in speaker for portable gaming convenience. These exclusive features make this indisputable retro arcade console of your choice, whether for your enjoyment or as a really nice gift. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $145.99 in Flash Sale

Buy 9D Arcade Console with 2700 in 1 Game from TOMTOP


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