Buy Chuwi Larkbox For Just $155 On Indiegogo Up To 22% Discount (Only 22 Days left)


For computer enthusiasts, there is nothing more fun than seeing a full, powerful screen and working at full speed. However, there is no need for large-sized products to enjoy this because producer Chuwi came up with a smaller alternative product. Is Chuwi Larkbox, a supermini PC from Chuwi that you can carry anywhere, only the size of a palm. Chuwi Larkbox convinces the Indiegogo community and manages to realize the fundraising for the project in just some weeks, the collective funding goal of Chuwi Larkbox, launched by the Chinese manufacturer OEM, has exceeded 1885% and the amount of crowdfunding exceeds $3,771,100 HKD. It has been backed by 3,279 backers and this number continues to grow at an alarming rate! but there are still 22 days left.

The advantages offered are the minimalist shape that takes up space, strong functionality, is perfect as an office or home PC and 4K output for an amazing visual experience. In addition, Chuwi Larkbox is also ideal for home theaters, projectors, and digital signage, and produces less heat. With a very compact size, Larkbox changes your old habits of carrying a traditional PC weighing 5kg when traveling. This product is really design for the convenience of PC users so that you don’t even knowingly carry it.

With a size of 2.4 x 2.4 x, 7 inches, the ability offered by Chuwi is no joke. Weighing only 127 grams has succeeded in breaking old habits in carrying a traditional PC. Chuwi Larkbox aims to stop the tradition and offer convenience without sacrificing performance.

Chuwi Larkbox is supporting 4K output, Intel Celeron J4115 processor, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, and 128mm eMMC memory, next to the M.2 slot under the hood for SSD upgrades. Apart from the small form factor, Larkbox does not compromise on connectivity options. In addition to a pair of 3.0 ports and a USB-C outlet. Larkbox also offers a 3.5m jack, a microSD card slot, supports Wi-Fi 5, and Bluetooth 5 connections.

Chuwi invites you to be part of their Indiegogo campaign, to produce the Larkbox final product. For initial purchases, you are entitled to a 22 percent discount from the planned retail price and free shipping. Chuwi Larkbox mini PCs, currently marketed with an initial price of $155 US dollars and there are still 22 days left. More information about the Larkbox visit on the official website.


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