Buy Cycling Wireless Computer With Heart Rate Sensor For €25.39


On Cafago, you can now purchase the Cycling Wireless Computer With Heart Rate Sensor for as low as € 25.39. however this product comes with a multifunctional rainproof and an LCD backlight for better display visibility. The manufacturers of this product embedded a 2.5 inch LCD large screen which vividly provides a more clearer and crisp reading visibility.

This cycling computer is capable of keeping and tracking data like current/ maximum/ average speed, heart rate, cadence, temperature, and other health functions. While using the heart rate mode on this device, the heart rate indicator can monitor your heart rate during cycling to ensure the users total health condition safety.

Selling Points:

  • It serves a 3-in-1 cycling computer with bike, cadence and heart rate mode together.
  • Features a heart rate mode with current heart rate indicator that is capable of keeping track of your heart rate during cycling to ensue heath safety.

  • It has ability to track and display speed, time, distance, trip time and multiple data in real-time.
  • Comes with a powerful backlight design that provides high visible during the day and also at night.
  • Easy to install onto the handlebar with the mount and cable ties provided.
  • It carries an IP65 water resistant body which is gallant against rainy day riding.

Lastly, this Cycling Wireless Computer is equipped with a 210mAh CR2032 battery, and it is made of ABS material with IP65 ruggedity. It has dimensions of 75 x 50mm and weighs just 202grams.

Where To Buy:

The Cycling Wireless Computer With Heart Rate Sensor can be purchased for as low as € 25.39 on Cafago.


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