Buy Fafrees 20F054 Electric Bicycle for 20% OFF On Tomtop


Fafrees has made a solid name in the manufacturing of durable electric bicycle with fat tires. You can now buy the Fafrees 20F054 Electric Bicycle for 20% off its normal price on Tomtop. Buyers get free shipping opportunity straight from the German warehouse.

Fafrees 20F054 electric bike features a powerful 250W motor that is able to deliver s top speed of 25km/ h and also tackle 30 degrees hilly roads. In addition, it has a 10 Ah lithium battery that allows a cruising range of 45 to 55 km in pure electric mode. While 80 to 100 km in power assisted mode when the battery is fully charged.

For riders to keep continues track of any notification from the bike, there is a portable backlit LCD screen that vividly displays the speed, distance traveled, mode switching, and battery life indicator. In order for riders to use this bike during the night, it features a super bright LED headlight that illuminates the darkness do as to keep riders safe at night.

So far, the Fafrees 20F054 has proven to be a preferred choice of electric bike for commuting. With foldable handlebar, frame and pedals, this bike is made very convenient to carry from one place to another with enough ease. The fat 20- inch tires offers riders a comfortable and more balanced riding experience.

Lastly, Fafrees 20F054 Electric Bicycle has up to 7-speed gears that facilitate smooth riding for different environments.


Where To Buy:

The Fafrees 20F054 Electric Bicycle can be purchased for € 743.99 (including VAT) on Tomtop.


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