Buy FlowFon FC280 Nostalgic Handheld Retro Gaming Console For Just $14.99 at Gearbest until Feb 24th


Times flies at your fingertips when you playing 400 in 1 FC280 Nostalgic Handheld Game Console. If you want to get rid of life pressure and unhappy moment, take you back to your lovely childhood instantly, this simple toy can realize your little wishes. Also a good present for kids and friends! During this period we can buy the Flowfon Mini Game Console at $14.99 instead of the original $14.99 price…

Buy FlowFon FC280 Nostalgic Handheld Retro Gaming Console at $14.99

Retro Mini is a digital console with the ability to play GB and GBA games through a MicroSD slot and compatible with models up to 16GB. The screen of the console is 3“ LCD for the games to play with total fidelity. You can play without interruption with it up to 6 hours (rechargeable battery of 600 mAh). Perfect to give to children that They have not known the experience of playing with this type of consoles, as well as adults who want to recover their childhood.

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The console is 11.5 x 8 x 2 cm in size and weighs 108 grams. Available in three colors, red, black and blue. He got a 3-inch display, so we’re sitting on the bus while on the road. The best thing about a cheap console is that with the AV cable you can even hook up to the TV, so you can play it the same way you did in your childhood, sitting in front of the TV. The battery has a capacity of 600mAh, which can be charged with the supplied USB cable.

Buy FlowFon FC280 Nostalgic Handheld Retro Gaming Console at $14.99

For a ridiculously low price, we have a true Flowfon Mini Game Console Retro experience, with 400 built-in games. The tiny Chinese hands made something new again. There were and there are a good number of 8bit emulators for pc and cell phone where we can play our favorites again. Currently, the Flowfon Mini Game Console is available at Gearbest which costs only $14.99

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