Buy in Flash Sales the ROCK RAU0501 – A Zircon In-ear Earphone only at Cafago!


We all use with our mobiles, tablets a pair of earphones to hear music, to speak with others. So why not to be and something luxurious at the same time!? For this, Cafago has a proposal for us, the ROCK RAU0501, a zircon In-ear earphones and with a low price at the same time.

The ROCK RAU0501 comes in a beautiful white or in black color. Is made out of plastic, but the whole design doesn’t look been made from “plastic”. The speaker featured inside the earphones are 8 mm NdFeB, with 3mW input power. The Impedance is approximately 16Ω±15% and as for the mic, is approx. -38dB. The sensitivity that the speaker can reach are 93dB±3dB(at 1KHz 1mW), with the frequency response at the same time reaching about 20-20K Hz. The ROCK RAU0501 uses a 3.5mm plug-in, weight about 20g and their dimensions are 120 x 2 x 2cm.

As we can see, the ROCK RAU0501 are very lightweight, with an ergonomic design and at the same time very comfortable to wear. We all are aware that using headset can reduce harm of the electromagnetic waves from mobiles and is more safe when using a vehicle. With the equipped built-in microphone, you can reduce noise and echo very much. Features convenient keys, in order to receive or hang the call. The ROCK RAU0501 come with superb Stereo Bass sound quality, pure and sweet, for long hearings of your music that you love.

The ROCK RAU0501 can be definitely the next pair of earphones that you might be looking at. The are very beautiful, ergonomic and at the best price. All you have to do is go over to Cafago and buy them now at the Flash Sales that they have for only 11.15$!



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