Buy Lanju Mosquito Electric Trap for 45% Off


In this era, electric mosquito traps has proven to be the best means of trapping mosquitoes and other insects. Now, you can own the Lanju Mosquito Electric Trap for just $ 21.99 with coupon code: 450LANJU on Amazon.

Lanju Mosquito Electric Trap uses a UV light system which emits about 365 nm wavelength violet light which is has great attraction to especially mosquitoes, and other insects like; Fruit flies, Moths, and Gnats. With the assistance of the embedded 360 degrees suction fan, this trap subject these insects to dehydration till death.

Lanju Mosquito Electric Trap Main Features And Specs:

  • 1. Build Material:  Plastic.
  • 2. Targeted Insects: Mosquitoes, Fruit Flies, Moths, and Gnats.
  • 3. Best For: Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Dining room, and Office.

This electric mosquito trap from lanju is safe, healthy, and secure. This is to say, it features a non-zapper, healthy, and environmental protection technology making it a perfect choice for yourself, babies, pregnant women, and pets. Lanju mosquito killer lamp can cover a total surface of 30 meters square.

One of the most notable spec of this product is the professional build design. As it is very easy to use, and to clean.

Why You Need Lanju Mosquito Electric Trap ?

  1. It is a safest and healthy means  of trapping mosquitoes.
  2. It features and adjustable power mode.
  3. One of its best spec is the advanced design.
  4. It covers a wide range in any room.

Where To Buy:

The Lanju Mosquito Electric Trap is available for just $ 21.99 with coupon code: 450LANJU on Amazon.


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