Buy Lanmodo Vast 1080P Automotive Night Vision Camera with time-limited $50 off (Exclusive Coupon Inside)


An automotive night vision system is a system to increase a vehicle driver’s perception and seeing distance in darkness or poor weather beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights. The in-built Night Vision System is currently limited to luxury vehicles. Recently Lanmodo has released their new Night Vision Camera, which is a camera dashboard called Lanmodo Vast Pro – 1080P All-in-one Night Vision System. Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision Camera is available in low-cost vehicles as well, and just one fifth of the cost of in-built night vision system. Meanwhile LANMODO night vision system is suitable for almost all type of cars & Trucks.

This system has a very modern outlook with a black body, silver border, and buttons. It’s very lightweight and just the right size with 245*185*125mm. Easy to carry and it won’t take up a lot of space for your car. If it’s larger, that would be too big for the dashboard and block your view. Its camera can rotate so you can angle the way that you want .compared with the passive infrared of the in-built night vision system, the Lanmodo night vision system is active infrared and it matches 99%, car model.


  1. 8.2”HD Screen and 1080P high resolution
  2. 36° wide-angle vision, night view distance up to 300m/984ft
  3. Full-color image, reflect the real situation
  4. Better night driving experience than in-built night vision system
  5. Can be used in various unfriendly situations, keep driving safely
  6. Waterproof and 720P night rearview camera

Compared with other night vision systems only with 480P image, Lanmodo Night Vision  System can offer 1080P-image which is in full-color and precisely clear. Obviously, this makes driving easier in the dark. Without the Night Vision System, it’s pretty dark and barely can see anything on the road, through this device, you can really see a lot more with the Night Vision System…


  1. Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System shows a 36” wide-angle HD view of the road, which helps you to see clearly what lies ahead of you. What a relief and 300 m. of what lies ahead of the road. This system is fantastic and everybody should have it installed in their car. Cars are considered the next precious thing after homes and driving is an intricate part of this precious possession and if that is not taken care of well, then this priced possession becomes a piece of scrap. So take the aid of the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System and make your driving safe and simple.
  2. Lanmodo is a 1080P night vision system, whereas usually, the other systems are of 480P. This fact gives it a higher edge over other systems. Hence, it shows clear and large images of the human, animal or vehicle in front of you. There cannot be a better driving assistant than the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System and the sooner you realize it, more the better, unlike me who realized this fact after meeting with an accident. Of course, in the accident, nobody was injured, but I learned my lesson and immediately placed an order for the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System and am a happy person since I installed it in my car. I never felt safer while driving than this. The images are shown in full color, unlike other systems where it’s shown in black and white. I was thrilled when I saw the images it shows the first time, it gave me great peace of mind.
  3. Driving may seem like child’s play to you, but when you are caught unawares on a foggy winter night, then you get to understand the difficulties involved. Nevertheless, do not panic, nowadays technology has improved and a solution has been found to almost all problems and Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System is the solution to this problem. It shows you clear and color images, even in the dark despite the fog or rain.
  4. It can be fitted onto almost 99% of all car models and can be done yourself, even if you are not so much of a DIY person. All the steps for installation have been explained in a simple manner on the packaging and we have got numerous reviews saying that the steps are explained in a simple manner and they were able to install it themselves, which kind of gives our team a kind of satisfaction that can’t be explained.
  5. The last but most things about this product is that it’s very reasonably priced and hence is affordable to most of the buyers. Therefore, you too should get one for your car, if you haven’t already, before it’s too late, as bad weather comes unexpected and at that time nobody can come to your rescue, other than the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System.

Usually, in the non-friendly weather conditions like foggy, rainy weather, it’s difficult to know the traffic situation ahead when we drive, especially when it rains or snows hard. Lanmodo Vast can solve this problem as well. It can ensure you drive smoothly with a clear road view.  As we know, in the automotive industry, and the only luxury car has built-in night vision system and it is a black-white image, not high resolution, Lanmodo Night Vision System not only provides 1080P high resolution, also offers full-color image, and its retail price is much cheaper than the luxury car night vision system. It’s definitely a good deal for your safety driving.

The Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System is now available on US Amazon with a $50 OFF Coupon Code: LANMODO1 and on Lanmodo official website with $50 OFF Coupon Code: LMDNVS_IGP


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