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Cars have the potential to be made far safer with the careful application of real-time video cameras. Backup cameras are the perfect example of how a well-placed camera can make cars more reliable and more comfortable to drive. Cameras could also make checking your blind spot easier and safer. Lanmodo introduced the 1080P Automotive Night Vision System to Improve visibility and safety when driving at night with Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Dash Camera. Don,t worry about rainy days, Use this night vision system in rainy days and stop worrying about blurry vision. And See through the fog with a clear road view and a smooth driving.

LANMODO VAST PRO is the latest device that effectively supports the driver while driving in difficult lighting conditions. It works similarly to night vision systems factory-installed in high-class cars, but it is definitely cheaper (up to five times). Advanced algorithms provide a dramatic improvement in visibility and a radical increase in active safety.

The best PRO version with Full HD 1080p video recorder

Car night vision really increases the safety of the driver and passengers. It allows you to see more details on the road in worse lighting conditions. Thanks to it, it is easier to spot pedestrians or animals in less lit areas. There is no need to convince anyone who has experienced a dangerous situation in difficult lighting conditions (and who has not had such a situation?). The most interesting thing is that Lanmodo Vast can handle even a splash of glass or fog.

LANMODO Vast Pro is equipped with an 8.2-inch display with the ability to change the display mode from color to black and white so that the user can adjust the image to his own preferences. The camera can be mounted using the supplied windshield suction cup or using a special anti-slip mat on the vehicle dashboard.

The size of the screen and its readability perfectly help the driver while driving in the dark, in the fog, or in the rain. The manufacturer provides a distance of vision at night up to 300m – which confirms lots of user testing on YouTube. An additional advantage is the ability to switch the display into black and white or color mode. The backlight intensity is also adjustable. Lanmodo Vast Pro is a portable device, so we can easily, quickly, and safely transfer it to another vehicle. The latest and best PRO version that we sell includes a Full HD 30FPS video recorder. Thanks to which we can record the image recorded with the camera.

Two simple installation methods

Lanmodo Vast Pro can be mounted in the car with a sucker to the windshield or with a special anti-slip mat mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle. The night vision device is powered by a cigarette lighter socket or an OBD-2 socket in the vehicle. The necessary cabling is part of the kit and requires no additional mounting accessories. Installation of the night vision device will not cause problems even for laymen. The Lanmodo Vast Pro version is equipped with a camera that records the front of the vehicle (integrated with the display). And a recorder that saves the recordings on a microSD card.

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