Buy MJX Bugs 19 B19 5G wifi GPS 4K Camera Drone For € 187.94


Drones has made video coverage more easier and better with its ability of viewing from different angles. The MJX Bugs 19 B19 5G wifi GPS 4K Camera Drone is a unique product with good features and a durable build material to make the drone last longer than other regular 4K drones on the market today.

MJX Bugs B19 allows users to swiftly use the App to change between different flight modes. These modes includes; follow mode, trajectory flight mode, fixed-point flight mode, and the surround mode respectively. There are other functions on this drone like the camera movement gesture which facilitates video shooting, V-log, and other shooting scenerios.

It will interest you to know that the MjX Bugs B19 is equipped with a 4K high-definition CMOS sensor movable camera and a 5G wifi image transmission technology which  helps the UAV drone to become your eyes and it also has a panoramic view of the world.

The optical flow sensor on this drone is accurate to centimeter level and it was adopted to make the aircraft hover automatically and accurately by integrating the real-time flow sensor and optical flow information. Most drone operating professional or individuals would understand what the above statement means.

So far, so good, the remote controller adopts bidirectional 2.4GHz technology and has two functions of weak signal alarm and low voltage alarm. It always pays attention to the flight state of UAV and ensures the safe flight of the drone.

Where To Buy:

The MJX Bugs 19 B19 5G wifi GPS 4K Camera Drone is currently available for 187.94 on Cafago.


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