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The Chinese manufacturer of medium and premium robot vacuum cleaners has introduced the new Neatsvor S600 Vacuum Cleaner with a self-cleaning function. According to the company, this vacuum is capable of dry and wet cleaning, has high suction power, and is equipped with laser navigation.

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The unique design combines a brush and a rubber brush and has the advantage of effective cleaning of the brush, and the rubber bristles are not easy to wrap around the bristles. The bags have a large capacity, 2.8 liters, so they last for weeks (approximately a month), and thanks to their sealed design, they are replaced very easily and hygienically, without any contact with dust. The Neatsvor S600 is a complete multifunction robot, which can scrub as well as vacuum. For this, it has a 350ML water tank, one of the largest in the category, which allows it to scrub large surfaces with a single charge.


Another outstanding aspect of this Neatsvor S600 is its absorption capacity. Its digital motor rotates at 30,000 revolutions per minute to achieve a suction power of 4,000 Pascals, a figure that places it among the most powerful devices on the market.

LDS 4.0

With the help of advanced LDS4.0 laser navigation, the Neatsvor S600 will scan your home and create a 360º map. Will plan the fastest, most efficient, neatest, and smartest way to clean every room in the house. This innovative technology turns Neatsvor S600 into an extremely intelligent robot.


With an app on a smartphone, you can use to select cleaning modes, schedule cleaning, select suction and mopping power levels, and view cleaning history to control the robot. Virtual map, the robot will map your entire house before starting to clean, save and find the fastest and most efficient route. You can view the interactive map in the app.

HEPA Filter

A triple filtration system and high-efficiency HEPA filtration can filter a large number of allergens and dust while purifying the air. 600ml large capacity dust container can hold more dust and debris. The super-high 2cm obstacle clearance allows the Neatsvor S600 to easily climb carpets and various obstacles, and the 9.8cm height allows the robot to easily get to the bottom of the sofa or bed for cleaning.

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The Neatsvor S600 robotic vacuum cleaner provides good cleaning quality on various surfaces, thanks to lidar and high suction power. The presence of a self-cleaning function eliminates the need to empty the dust container frequently. Neatsvor S600 is now finally available on AliExpress one of the biggest E-Commerce stores for just $333.99 on flash sale till 31st July at 11:59 PM PT. Click the following button to order now:

Buy Neatsvor S600 on AliExpress


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