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sometimes, you are worried about the water from the stream or river you drank is not clean. So use this functional outdoor POWEROAK Water Bottle can help to physically sanitize the water and make sure the water you drank is sterilized and cleaned.

POWEROAK Water Bottle made of stainless steel and they all have automatic cleaning cycles. On top of that, all three are super easy to use. And they all have battery notifications so they’ll never die without warning. You should consider five important factors when choosing a UV-powered water bottle like these: Purification, taste, design, ease of use, capacity, and battery life.

If you decide to purchase a POWEROAK water bottle, you’ll want one that kills as many microbes as possible, produces a good taste, is easy to hold and transport. And lasts for a decent period of time on one charge. Self-cleaning POWEROAK Water Bottles use UV-C light to kill bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other micro-organisms by destroying their DNA. The UV light sterilizes both the water in the bottle and the interior surface of the bottle.

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Make sure the water you drank is Cleaned and Sanitized. POWEROAK Water Bottle Built-in Two Advanced HeaChip DUV-C Sanitizing Modules. It Destroys the DNA Structure of Germs by Wavelength C Band (the Most Effective Wave Band 250-280nm). The Sterilization-effect is 3600 Times Compared with Common Light. And It is Much Safer than Mercury Lamp and No Odor Compared with Ozone.

This POWEROAK Water Bottle is stylish and full-bodied. Whether you are traveling, at home, in the office, or outdoors – the ideal companion. Simple and practical, it is the best Birthday Christmas gift for friends, family, children, sons, and daughters. We can buy POWEROAK Water Bottle from AMAZON at £38.99 by using a £5 OFF Coupon Code: igeekphone5 and £6 OFF on the Product page.


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