Buy Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun For Just $47.69 at TOMTOP (Flash Sale)


Sometimes life will be busy or tired so that we ignore the friends or family around us, maybe we can’t always show care and love. But Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun believes that health is the best gift. This is a very useful product to relieve muscle soreness. It can be used to warm up before exercise to prevents strain, or to relieve pain after exercise. 4 different massage heads, 6 different strengths, suitable for different parts of the body.

Buy Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun from TOMTOP

The Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun is equipped with 4 different massage heads to relax different muscle tissues. For example large muscle groups, deep tissue massage, muscle relaxation, neck, spine, and Achilles tendon relaxation, small area muscle relaxation or calf or arm muscle massage. The built-in 8.4V, 2000mAh high-quality lithium battery can keep working for about 8 hours (lowest gear) and 6 hours for the highest gear after each charge. Charging time: 4 hours. The power is showing on the LED power display at any time.

The device allows the user to directly target areas of soreness and reduce pain, whilst also reducing recovery time, making it an essential product for any athlete. Adjust the frequencies according to the purpose, for warming up, injured muscles, muscle pain, and activation, increase to higher speeds for larger and stronger muscle groups. The ergonomic grip can minimize the external force. Vibration principle hammering style, strong power to massage muscles.

Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun has Brushless motor technology that brings a more stable and comfortable experience. Independent power management system, charging and discharging more intelligent, prolong service life. High-frequency vibration, dissipation of fatigue, deep massage, relaxation of muscles, alleviate pain. Four kinds of massage heads, according to the location of massage to choose massage heads, bring a more comprehensive massage experience.

The Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun has a powerful motor, long-lasting Li-ion battery, It can effectively help you relieve aches and pains in your shoulders, neck, back, joints, foot, leg, and calves. It is also useful if you need to speed up muscle recovery or simply wish to relax. Ideal to use any time of the day, whether it is throughout the day, after work, or after sports. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $47.69 in Flash Sale

Buy Relaxing Fit Relief Fascia Massage Gun from TOMTOP


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