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One of the easiest ways to reach our destinations is when we implement two-wheelers since avoiding the sometimes endless car agglomerations will save us a large part of our valuable time. It is here that some very interesting electric bicycles come into play, we talk about the Samebike LO26, Samebike MY-SM26 and Samebike JG7186, a vehicle that will allow you to have multiple benefits when using it.

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Samebike LO26 Folding Electric Bike

The Samebike LO26 electric bicycle equip with wheels with inflatable tire for different terrains, in a 26-inch format. This is the same diameter as the wheels of the first ATVs. It is a foldable electric bike to occupy a footprint of 103 x 37 x 104 cm and facilitate, as far as possible, its transport. However, it will still carry a weight of 30 kg. With a full charge in 4 hours, a Li-ion battery of 10.4 Ah ensures up to 40 km of autonomy in pure electric mode and 70 km in moped mode, which is therefore relatively comfortable for journeys beyond the city. With a 350W engine, this electric bike can reach a top speed of 30 km/h. The braking system relies on disc brakes, and it has LED front lighting. With its aluminum alloy frame, it can support a payload of up to 150 kg.

Buy Samebike LO26 Folding Electric Bike from Gearbest

Samebike MY-SM26 Smart Folding Electric Bike

If you want to buy an electric bike, but the budget is limit, then the Samebike MY-SM26 is a good choice. Its low cost makes it a smart choice for finding an alternative way to commute to a rider or to cruise only nearby. The main material of the bicycle is an aluminum alloy which makes the bicycle lightweight and strong. The Samebike MY electric bicycle is inclusive of 350W powerful motor which provides the maximum speed up to 30km/hour and maximum 25-degree gradient for steepness control.

The li-on battery gives maximum 40 km mileage with pure electric mode and 70-80 km mileage with moped mode. The battery has a rated power of 384Wh which results in the power-efficient battery for long and better use. The battery only takes 6 to 6 hours to get fully charge. Moreover, the battery is ensure by CPIC. The size of the rubber tire of the bicycle is 26 inch which is inflatable for different kinds of grounds. The tire has resistance power and anti-slip texture to ensure a more comfortable riding experience. Further, the front fork suspension system effectively reduces disruption and responds well to various road conditions.

Buy Samebike MY-SM26 Smart Folding Electric Bike from Gearbest

Samebike JG7186 Electric Moped Bicycle

Samebike JG7186 is an affordable, foldable electric bike with 16-inch tires. The compact 82 x 40 x 62 cm foldable e-bike (140 x 61 x 110 cm unfolded) is suitable for people of all sizes up to a maximum weight of 120 kg. The 250W rear hub motor can handle steep inclines of up to 25 degrees and reaches a top speed of 25km / h The range with pedal assistance is approximately 50-65 km. The charging time is given as 5 hours. The Samebike supports three riding modes. You can choose between the Pedal Mode. The Mope mode (pedal support) purely electrical mode (without pedal), In electric mode, the range is reduce to less than 35 km. Front and rear disc brakes ensure safety. A brake light indicates the braking process.

A headlight enables the e-bike to be driven even in the dark. An LCD display serves as the speedometer, showing the power range and speed. Next to it is a USB port, which can be use to charge additional devices such as a smartphone. The Samebike JG7186 is available in five different colors. Interested parties should consider the respective regulations of their country before buying. In Germany, the Samebike JG7186 is open to the public road traffic most likely not allowed! Driving on private property is again permitted.

Buy Samebike JG7186 Electric Moped Bicycle from Gearbest


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