Buy SJCAM SJ9 Strike 4K 60fps WiFi Sports Action Camera For Just $193.18 at TOMTOP with Duty-Free Shipping


The SJCAM SJ9 Series of new waterproof cameras are the first action cameras on the market to feature wireless charging. Consisting of 2 models – the SJ9 Strike and SJ9 Max, both cameras feature a 2.33” touch screen display and 1300mAH battery. The flagship novelty SJCAM SJ9 STRIKE is an action camera with a waterproof case capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 8 meters without a case. Equipped with a new stabilization system – SuperSmooth Broadcasts streaming and live right in social networks.

Buy SJCAM SJ9 Strike Action Camera from TOMTOP

The main innovation of the camera SJCAM SJ9 STRIKE! Modern society strives for minimalism and simplicity, simplifying the use of gadgets and action cameras is no exception. Due to the new SJ9 case, the STRIKE does not need to be installed in a protective case before using in water, as it happens on previous models. And without a waterproof case, the camera becomes even lighter, smaller and more convenient. The hull can withstand immersion up to 8 meters.

Now you can do underwater photography and not worry about the integrity of the device, and have fun. No wonder many managed to nickname SJCAM SJ9 – “GoPro Killer”. The main UHD IPS touch screen with a diagonal of 2.33 inches is built in the back where you can view the footage and manage all settings and modes. At the front, there is a small 0.96 “inch display for displaying data: recording status, shooting time, charge level and other basic information.

The maximum resolution when shooting video – 4K / 60fps. Accuracy and detail images provide the processor “Ambarella H22” and the image sensor “SONY IMX”. Photos – 4000x3000px (4: 3) at 12MP. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) – SUPERSMOOTH with a 6-axis gyroscope is built into SJ9 STRIKE, the technology produces a very smooth video without shaking, it really creates a feeling of movement like on rails. Another great advantage is the support of wireless charging! Now the action camera can be recharged more comfortably and use any docking station for charging.

The platform is not included in the standard package. The battery capacity is as much as 1300mAh., Compared to the previous SJCAM SJ8 series where it was 1200mAh., Not a big difference, but rather tangible. Duration of work will be 140 minutes when shooting 1080p video, and if 4K / 60fps and Wi-Fi on, then 95 minutes. Ideal for bloggers from any subject: Vlogera, reviewers, beauty, streamers, and others. The increase in live behavior is associated with better audience response. SJ9 STRIKE connects to your smartphone via WIFI and allows you to stream with great image quality right on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Buy SJCAM SJ9 Strike  Action Camera from TOMTOP

SJCAM SJ9 STRIKE is not significantly different technically from the previous series, but it has several important features inherent in the action camera. One of the most important is to be waterproof without additional external protection. SJCAM SJ9 STRIKE creates a big competition for Hero 7 black both in technical specifications and builds quality, and the most significant difference is the price! Right now we can buy it from TOMTOP at $193.18 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping


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