Buy The ASUS FX80 Gaming Laptop On Gearbest for $999.99: Featuring 15.6 inch / Windows 10 OS / 4G GTX 1050 Ti / Intel Core i5-8300H


All those laptop makers that want to grab some market share are launching their new models with the 8th generation Intel Core processors. Recently, Xiaomi announced its first gaming laptop with it. Now it’s the turn of Asus. The Asus FX80 comes with a new design and enhanced the hardware.

Buy Asus FX80 gaming laptop for $999.99

The Asus FX80 is available in two colors – Fire Blush Black Edition and Starway Cool Black Edition. Their specs differ from each other a lot. Say, the latter comes with a gaming-level display with a refresh rate up to 120MHz, 5ms response speed, and an Intel Core i7 chip. The former model has two variants sporting the i7 and i5 SoCs. As you know, the performance provided by the 8th-gen Intel Core processors is enhanced by 23% in comparison to the previous-gen models. However, all models are packed with an NVIDIA GTX1050Ti graphics card with its own 4GB of memory, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and 128GB of M.2 SSD + 1TB 5400RPM mechanical disk.

In terms of appearance, the Asus Flying Fortress FX80 inherits the previous generation ‘four-edged’ incision-style family design concept. The overall body uses a three-dimensional design with ‘space warships’ and ‘future armor’ as design elements. The use of a brand new molding process also allows the fifth-generation Flying Fortress to be light as a swallow. It weighs only about 2.4kg and has a thickness of only about 2.5cm.

All gaming laptops should have a great cooling system. So the Asus FX80 does. It uses a dual-copper dual-fan powerful configuration and a unique V-type fan design. Thanks to the Overboost fan boost mode it increases the cooling effect by 25%. At last, the brushless motors are used to ensure quiet performance. The laptop is currently on Gearbest for just $999.99

Buy Asus FX80 gaming laptop for $999.99


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