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Having a good wifi coverage at home or in the office is a must have nowadays. However, there will always be a spot where the signal is not strong enough or fluctuates constantly, this is especially true if you have a large house or office. You can always buy a high-end router to deal with this issue of course, but if you do not wish to invest money in another device or wish to considerably extend the normal range of the signal, a wifi amplifier is an ideal solution. And speaking of this, Xiaomi has a product designed specifically for this. We present to you the Xiaomi MI WiFi Repeater Pro, which offers a blazing speed of 300Mbps and area coverage of up to 120 meters thanks to its 2*2 dBi antennas.

Xiaomi MI WiFi Repeater Pro: Design & build

The Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro is a simple device with a square shape and matte finish that follows Xiaomi’s minimalistic line of design in every possible way. The device itself is compact, elegant and won’t occupy too much space. The body is made out of ABS plastic, which is durable enough as well as lightweight.

Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro: Main features and usage

The Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro features 2*2 DBI antennas, offering a 300Mbps speed and coverage of up to 120 meters in open areas or 80 meters on close areas. It only works in the 2.4Ghz channel, which means that doesn’t support dual-band WiFi.

The amplifier significantly boosts the WiFi signal of your router, reaching every corner of your home in a reliable and stable manner, which makes it suitable for online gaming, streaming or file transferring over the local network. Every family member or office colleague will get to enjoy its benefits since the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro supports up to 64 devices connected at the same time.

Like any other repeater on the market, the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro must be plugged into a wall outlet near the router in order to work, afterward, we must connect to Mi Home App, which can be downloaded by scanning the QR code in the box.

Once you are in the the App the rest is easy, since the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro will be automatically detected when you connect to the main router, then it will copy the router that it has connected to with a “_plus” at the end of it.

During the procedure, a yellow light will blink several times, and when finished, the same light will remain turn on in color blue.

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