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Travelling became increasingly difficult during the pandemic. Don’t worry, there is a safer and more comfortable way: e-bike. FIIDO seeks to provide a practical, free, personalized and environmentally friendly transportation system through years of experience in the design, R&D and production of electric bicycles, to create a brand that consumers trust. Here you can see the recommended models of FIIDO electric bicycles for sale and save up to €20 by purchasing your favourite model.


The FIIDO D1 folding model, like other FIIDO models abroad, became very popular in European countries. On the same level as electric bikes, D1 has a higher battery capacity and endurance than other electric bikes. Equipped with a 10.4Ah battery, this bike can travel 80 km in electric assistance mode and it only weighs 17.5kg! The 52:12 gear makes the ride more fun. The 250W high-efficiency brushless gear motor reaches a maximum speed of 25km / h, the resistance is 20% stronger than the normal brushless gear motor, and the starting torque is higher.

Its ergonomic structure helps you make less force when starting and the double-disc brake offers better braking to ensure your safety. In addition, you can load it on the bus, metro, even in your trunk thanks to its folding system! The size is reduced to 75 * 35 * 65cm. Take it with you everywhere! You can buy at €448 by using Coupon Code: 111111 with Free shipping from Poland Warehouse, EU Local Delivery with 2-7 business days

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The modern minimalist design has made the FIIDO D11 win German Red Dot Award. It can cover a distance of 100 Km upon the full charge of its 36v 11.6Ah battery which is hidden under within the cycle frame. It is perfectly designed to fit city riding with the longest riding distance support. FIIDO D11 folding bike features a Shimano 7-speed gear and 3-levels in a moped mode. It has a 250W highly efficient motor with a maximum speed limit of 25km/h.

The beautiful frame weighing over just 12.9 kg offers wonderful performance and ultra-long mileage upon fully charging its Removable Seat Tube Battery. It is carved out of Aluminium alloy with simple design aesthetics providing excellent riding experience. The ergonomically designed bike fully fit for the daily users and unwinds unlimited possibilities. You can buy at €847 by using Coupon Code: 111111 with Free shipping from Poland Warehouse, EU Local Delivery with 2-7 business days.

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If you are passionate about off-road cycling, you should not miss this electric mountain bike. Get to know it a little better: FIIDO M1 is a folding electric bike with 20 * 4-inch tires, which increases the grip and makes it adopt to both beach and snowy ground. The geometric structure makes the body more stable; offering more cycling patterns, which is why it is design for those who want to practice cycling on different surfaces. Comes with a 12.5Ah capacity battery, the maximum driving range in electric power-assist mode can be up to 100km. It also has a Shimano 7-speed gearbox (Shimano, a famous Japanese company specializing in the production of bicycle parts) and 3 variable speeds in electric-assisted mode, so this model can adapt to different conditions on the road.

250W brushless gear motor offers 25km / h max speed and 20% stronger endurance than normal brushless and gear motor. The brushless geared motor provides more power to cross obstacle paths; and driving is more relaxed when electricity is running out; while the brushless motor is much more economical. The body is made of high-strength, lightweight, rust-free aluminium alloy. The body can be folded in half, which is suitable for most trunks. You can buy at €804 by using Coupon Code: 111111 with Free shipping from Poland Warehouse, EU Local Delivery with 2-7 business days

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