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Keeping the house hygiene is a tough job and nobody likes to spend hours for cleaning due to the busy life schedule-preparing food, washing clothes, etc. Having a good-quality Vacuum Cleaner helps to tackle day-to-day activities like cleaning carpets, beds, tables, chairs, and sofas to save time, and energy. The market of robot vacuum cleaners has developed rapidly in recent years, with the emergence of new brands that bring high-quality planned sweeping and dragging capabilities. In addition, the new models come with remote control and fewer integrated physical buttons. Geekbuying is making a compendium of offers with Top 3 best Vacuum cleaners in 2019 join us to know what they are.

  1. Xiaomi JIMMY JV53
  2. Xiaomi VIOMI V2 
  3. IMASS A3 Vacuum Cleaner

1. Xiaomi JIMMY JV53 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi JIMMY JV53 will be your perfect ally for the cleaning of your house and offices! An incredibly cheap price, without having to compromise on the quality! The motor of this wireless vacuum cleaner is a digital unit that turns at 100000 tr/min and that has a 125AW power suction. In the box, you will find many kinds of brushes, that will fit all of your needs: main electric floor head, 2-in-1 crevice tool, 2-in-1 upholstery tool, electric mattress head, and a soft brush. The main rotative brush has a 55 mm diameter, in order to ensure the suction of all dust and particles (even the biggest), and of two kinds of hairs: the hard hair part of the brush can easily wipe the dirt, remove pet’s footprints and polish the floor, while the soft hair part can clean the extra fine dust. Jimmy JV53 benefits of a seven lithium batteries pack of 2500 mAh each, that allows up to 45 minutes of run time, with 4 hours charging time. The HEPA filter he is equipped with works together with the Dual-Cyclonic filtration system, that contributes to more powerful suction and more effective cleaning… We can buy it from Geekbuying at $199.99 in Flash Sale…

Buy Xiaomi JIMMY JV53 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner From Geekbuying

2. IMASS A3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The IMASS A3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has the ability to return to its charging home once battery is low, comes in a 800ml large dust bin, thus you don’t have to remove dust so often, built-in with a 2500mAh large capacity battery that ensures the long standby time (working 90-120min after full charged), 1200Pa big suction to clean dust, dirt and debris from multiple surfaces, a handy remote control for switching 6 cleaning modes(Auto, Spot, Edge, Zigzag, Enhance, and Intelligent path planning) conveniently, all of which are essential features. Comes with a mop and a water tank, the vacuum robot is a multiple purpose one that not only sweeping and vacuuming but also mopping(before that, you need to exchange the dustbin into water tank). It really does an excellent job of cleaning your home and saving your precious time, which makes your life easier, living in a simple and pleasant way. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $189.99 in Flash Sale…

Buy IMASS A3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Geekbuying

3. Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most advanced and brand new robotic vacuum cleaners of the Xiaomi brand offered by MOSH, the Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Sensor stands out from similar products with its large cleaning tanks and elegant design for both liquid and dust cleaning. Thanks to the 2nd Generation Viomi V2, which downloads all the cleaning activities in your home and office with 10 multifunction sensors to your mobile device, cleaning is now at your fingertips. The biggest feature of the V2 is probably the enormous water tank with 560 ml capacity, which is far more than any suction robot could achieve so far! In addition, the suction capacity of 2150 Pascal is worth mentioning. How the whole thing will work in practice and whether the Viomi is more of a “wiping robot” than a suction robot will then be shown in the test. Of course, abyss detection and collision protection are also built-in. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $379.99 in Flash Sale…

Buy Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Geekbuying


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