Buy Xiaomi Mijia Grey Massage Gun For €92.94 With Coupon Code Inside


Xiaomi is one of the Chinese giant manufacturers of smartphones and other electronic devices. Currently, the Xiaomi sub-brand Mijia has this elegant-looking massage gun which is now sold for € 92.94 on banggood after applying the coupon code: BG01292a at the end of purchase.

Xiaomi has a few sub-brands of which Mijia is one of them. These sub-brands of Xiaomi put in a lot
of hard works in the manufacturing of useful and durable products for our daily use. Mijia has numerous series of massage guns that are sold for different price tags and they are of good value for money.

Xiaomi Mijia Grey Massage Gun is suitable for body massage, muscle massage and it can also serve as a needed tool after fitness or a generally accepted device for massage purposes. With the in-built high-speed brushless motor, this message gun produces a large torque output of 570mN surging power. In addition, the 3200 rpm high-speed impact on the body can penetrate up to 10mm deep muscles. With this massager, muscle soreness after exercise session are being relived and it also calms the fascia.

In order to meet different massaging points, this massager from Mijia uses three interchangeable gears and also three massage heads. This massager weighs approximately 856grams, and it has a 47mm hand-held size which makes it very convenient to carry and also, easy to use. Although, it comes well packaged in an original storage box which facilitates the easy-carry of the Xiaomi Mijia Grey Massage Gun.

Where To Buy:

The Xiaomi Mijia Grey Massage Gun can now be purchased for € 92.94 on banggood after applying the coupon code: BG01292a.


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