Canon has Released the PowerShot V10 at 2,999 yuan, $434


Canon today unveiled its PowerShot V10 handheld Vlog, priced at 2,999 yuan, which is expected to go on sale in mid-June.

PowerShot V10 positioning Internet celebrities, vloggers and video creators to record daily life, start the journey of “we media”, easy to use.

It has a rounded body design, weighs only about 211g, and is easy to carry. It has a built-in folding bracket, which can be taken directly on the table.

The PowerShot V10 features a CMOS image sensor of about 13.1 megapixels and an equivalent 19mm F/2.8 aperture ultra-wide Angle lens. Support face tracking auto focus, specific focus frame auto focus.

It has four built-in film modes: automatic film mode, film image stabilizer mode, smooth skin film mode and manual exposure film mode.

In addition, PowerShot V10 also offers 14 color filters to customize different scenes and user preferences.

Pickup, built-in two large diameter omnidirectional microphones and a noise reduction microphone, 360° all-round sound recording.


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