Celebrate the coming of 2017 with gifts, free trials and low prices from Banggood!


2017 is around the corner and everybody is getting ready to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Banggood wants to celebrate with us by having free gifts for the lucky one, free trials and many many items at very low prices! Let us have a look what you can find at Banggood…

The celebrations start with flash sales from the 26th of December, free trials, free gifts and many items to get on the 1st of the year. You can find new arrivals with a reduced price if you use the given coupon, gifts, trials, so low prices….so many things by Banggood!

You can grab now the DoogeeY6C or a HX 3.5CH drone or other items at very very low prices

I believe you know that you can find items that are in preorder, but at a lower price from other eshops!? Have you checked out these drone?

or the mobiles from Xiaomi that you can get at a very low price!?

or check these items from Blitzwolf to make your life easier

you can check also and these smart gadgets from Digoo that you can use in your house

or perhaps these from Kcasa (I really love this umbrella that closes differently that usual, you must get it!)

But Banggood doesn’t stop with these offers, since it has many more as a Flash sale starting from $1.69! You can find Smart Tech gadgets starting from 8.99$

or you can get Smart Accessories from 3.39$ that you will definitely love

Drones and wooden games for your kids from 6.49$

Electronic gadgets like remote control and WiFi cameras from 3.49$

Beautiful and smart accessories for your house starting from 1.99$!

Perhaps you should check this items that you could use outdoors or for your car, that are very useful and of high quality

Perhaps you must check these elegant for you or even sexy clothes Banggood offers to buy to your girlfriend or wife

Finally you can find shoes, hats and other fashion accessories for you or for the people you care to buy, so check them out

So what are you gonna ask from “Santa Banggood” to give you at a lower price!?


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