CES 2019 New Product Tour: A Shocking Consumer Electronics Feast


If you are at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in the United States, you may feel the same, shock! Nowadays is the best era, and now technology and innovation are omnipotent. This is something that I never dared to think about in the past. Every year at CES, there are always a lot of hot products coming out, and we can always see the future from the CES show. We can’t help but immerse ourselves in new technology, new product, and talk about it. But compared to the psychology of hunting, our position on new technology and new products is more meaningful than we are talking about the technology itself.

This article is not only to tell you what is possible in the future development of science and technology but also to tell everyone what we have seen in the current consumer electronics technology, what changes will really bring to our lives, we are How to look at them.

Take a trip to Las Vegas and discover that the Chinese manufacturers participating in this exhibition are really “low-key”:

From the past few years, Chinese manufacturers have shown unlimited enthusiasm for the CES exhibition, which is known as the “technical weather vane”. Why did it get cold this year? In fact, it is not difficult to see some clues from the “China Night” in Las Vegas on the eve of the launch.

The theme of this “China Night” conference is “Innovation and Cooperation in the Age of Great Change”. This is the Chinese and American big coffees to promote and explore more cooperation possibilities between the two countries by exploring and predicting the future development of high technology. However, due to the tension between China-US tariff and trade war, many companies that would have attended did not show up.

In addition, it is not difficult to find that there is no such thing as a Chinese company in the list of keynote speeches of the CES exhibition. We must know that when Huawei gave a keynote speech at the CES show last year, it talked about Huawei’s mobile phone entering the US market. The problem and this year just set up the booth display products. The domestic technology giant Baidu’s enthusiasm for exhibiting this year has not been much, and it has participated in this exhibition in the most routine way. Xiaomi has even saved a walk.

Last year, we were still amazed at CES’s “China Consumer Electronics Show”. The scale of Chinese exhibitors this year has dropped by 20% from the proportion of last year’s super exhibitors. Is it necessary for capital tightening in 2019 or is there more choice for Chinese exhibitors, no longer relying on the CES exhibition to make a name?

This year’s CES exhibition is still around old topics such as 5G and 8K, but there are also many things to watch:

Every time we can always see products and technologies that promote the progress and development of the times at CES, such as radios, televisions, notebooks, as well as smartphones, VR/AR, autopilot, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. Isn’t it a huge change in our lives? Who can think of smartphones, voice assistants, and the Internet of Things has completely changed the way society works, and our lives have become more “controllable” because of the continuous penetration of these technologies.

However, this year’s CES show did not show any “explosion models” concept, mainly around 5G, 8K, AI, IOT, and many old manufacturers’ booth display products are frying, but there are still many exhibitions. Look at it. After visiting this CES exhibition, we summed up the top ten heavy and interesting products for everyone. Let’s taste it fresh.

CES 2019 top ten new products:

1. The world’s first 8K OLED TV: LG OLED Z9

The LG OLED Z9 is equipped with a newly upgraded a9 Gen 2 image processing chip. The processor uses a deep learning-based artificial intelligence algorithm with more computing power, which can effectively reduce noise in the picture and bring more realistic 8K pictures.

2. The world’s first rollable OLED TV: LG OLED TV R

This durable TV features a flexible screen, making it ideal for consumers who want to watch movies on a large screen without taking up space because you can simply disappear from the base by simply pressing the remote control.

At the CES Center Pavilion, LG built a video wall with dozens of curable OLED flexible screens. The scenes were cool and realistic, too shocking.

3, Sony paintings? Series flagship TV new products: 8K HDR LCD TV Z9G

This is the new generation of flagship TV launched by Sony following the series of products released last fall. The Z9G contains a number of core technologies exclusively developed by Sony for 8K technology, which can bring more detailed 8K ultra-high definition images.

4, the world’s first foldable mobile phone: Rouyu FlexPai

The folding screen phone was unveiled at the CES2019 booth and announced the official start of sales. The 7.8-inch AMOLED folding display can be bent at 100 degrees, which is very sensational when watching movies or playing games.

5, the world’s first 5G mobile phone: Motorola z3

Lenovo released the Motorola Z3 at this year’s Innovation and Technology Conference, and also continued the modular design of the MOTO Z series, enabling different functions through a variety of modules. The 5G module can be connected to a 5G network to achieve high-speed network transmission.

6, Digging screen mobile phone debut CES: Hisense U30

Hisense officially announced the new machine U30 in CES2019. The biggest highlight of the machine is the use of a digging screen, which is officially called the Infinity-O display. It has a rear-mounted 48 million + 5-megapixel dual camera, which is the third 48 million-pixel mobile phone announced after Huawei nova 4 and glory V20. It is also the world’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 with a perforated screen.

7, Intel 10nm processor: Ice Lake

At CES 2019, Intel announced that Ice Lake will be available at the end of the year. Ice Lake uses the Sunny Cove microkernel architecture, which is the first to integrate Thunderbolt 3 and WiFi 6, and is also equipped with the DLBoost instruction set. Unfortunately, Intel decided to launch Ice Lake at the OEM. Everyone wants to buy 10nm process products on the retail side until 2020.

8, The world’s first 7nm process graphics card: AMD Radeon VII

Dr. Su Zifeng released the AMD Radeon VII graphics card at AMD’s keynote speech. Radeon VII is still based on the Vega core architecture, continuing the basic design and technical features, but with a new 7nm high-performance process, core frequency 1.8GHz, 16GB HBM2 memory, 1TB/s memory bandwidth. In terms of price, AMD Radeon VII will be released on February 7th, priced at 699 US dollars, about 4760 yuan.

9, NVIDIA’s most cost-effective Turing graphics card: RTX 2060

NVIDIA released the most anticipated RTX 2060 graphics card this year in the CES keynote. At the press conference, Huang said that the performance of the new card has increased by 60% compared to the GTX 1060. In terms of price, the RTX 2060 is priced at $349 in the US, up 50% from the previous generation.

10. Notebook for content creation – MSI PS63 Modern

MSI PS63 Modern is a portable and reliable productivity tool for creators and business elites worldwide, weighing only 1.6 kg and 15.9 mm thick. Built-in a GTX 1050 MAX-Q 4G GDDR5 graphics card and the 8th generation Core Quad-core eight-threaded i7 U series processor, up to 16 hours.

CES 2019 Seven fun eye-catching products:

In addition to the heavy new products that have received much attention, we have also found some interesting products at the show. At the scene, these booths also attracted many visitors to stop the experience. Where are they interesting?

1. A toothbrush that can clean teeth in 10 seconds: Y-Brush

Y-Brush does not look like a normal toothbrush. The trapezoidal motor is connected to the brush tray by a handle to clean the teeth in a vibrating manner. Y-Brush’s trays are all 45-degree angled nylon bristles, which is the angle recommended by the American Dental Association. When using it, squeeze the toothpaste inside, put the Y-Brush in your mouth, and turn on the motor. When the brush vibrates, you take a 5-second chewing action, then remove it and flip the Y-Brush to repeat the operation. Sounds amazing, right?

2, an artifact that allows you to sleep peacefully: Hupnos smart stop mask

This is a mask that covers your nose completely, so you can alleviate your nose. After wearing and starting Hupnos to sleep, it will detect if you have a snot, and if there is, it will stimulate you to turn over with a slight vibration, but it won’t make you wake up.

3, CES scraped the retro style: Sony wireless vinyl record player PS-LX310BT

At this year’s CES show, a vinyl retro style was blown up. Sony exhibited its own new vinyl record player PS-LX310BT at CES. In addition to the Bluetooth connectivity, it can use a variety of speakers to play music. For the music-conscious fans, it is also equipped with an interface that is wired to the traditional audio.

4, the most elegant tool: LG craft beer machine

A big joy in life is nothing more than a couple of confidants, and they are happy with the words. Putting a wine machine at home, why don’t you have a wine tasting? LG launched a craft beer machine HomeBrew on the CES2019. This beer machine is similar to the principle of a capsule coffee machine. Just put the corresponding beer capsule into the machine and wait for the machine to finish working and then drink a glass of craft beer.

5, exquisite men use manual razors: with heating function plus points

When we use a manual razor to shave, it is often necessary to put the blade in hot water to maintain the temperature, and the experience is not very good. At this year’s CES show, Gillette, a well-known manufacturer of razors, introduced a manual razor with heating function, which can be heated up to 50 degrees Celsius. When you use it, after heating, there will be a feeling of a hot towel on the beard, which is very good.

6, burgers without meat can also be delicious: Impossible Burger 2.0

Hamburg is branded as a “junk food” in the eyes of many people. In fact, burgers can be healthy and delicious! At CES, we found a “vegetarian burger” based on vegetable protein – Impossible Burger 2.0. You can’t taste it without telling you in advance. Impossible Burger 2.0 is juicy and juicy, and the texture is just right, very delicious!

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7, feeding your baby is not afraid of pain: Nurture smart breast pump

When visiting the CES exhibition, we obviously felt that the relevant manufacturers of health technology have increased. It seems that physical health is the eternal pursuit of people. We found an interesting feminine health technology product, the Nurture Smart Breast Pump, which is equipped with a black bra and a massage device.

The transparent tube extends from the device into two vials and the suction process can be accelerated by the massage device. Sliding in and out of a custom-made bra, adjusting pressure, speed and hold time makes breastfeeding an easier task.

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