CG035 RC Quadcopter : Your own Jet


CG035 is a dashing RC quadcopter with a superior built and impresses us with its LED work. The CG305 comes in basic white colour. It measures 33 x 33 x 13.7 cm that is an ideal size for the copter. The cross ends of the CG305 have same colours i.e 2 red colour and 2 black colour caps. When looked from front, the LED eyes on the quadcopter makes it look as if its some kind of small alien.


The CG035 comes with brushless motors that provide strong power to the copter. Its headless mode of operation lets the copter fly in any orientation. The package gets you a wireless controller which has hell lot of features. It works on 2.4Ghz frequency that gives it a flight control distance of 300m.


To power the CG305, it comes with a removable 7.4V 2600mAh Lipo battery that ensures you a long flight time of 15-20 mins. it gets completely charged in 65 minutes which is less compared to other copters in the market. During the flight the CG305 can stay stll in the same position , thanks to the 6 axis gyro fly system.


In case you cannot find your copter then dont worry, the One key to return function makes it ease to find the way home. This handsome CG305 Quadcopter is priced at 117.99$ but currently isn’t available for sale. It will be available soon.


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