ChatGPT is updated with the ability to access new knowledge and interact with 5000+ applications


ChatGPT is said to be AI’s “iPhone moment” and now its “app store” is here.

OpenAI just dropped another king bomb

Announced the launch of plug-ins that will give ChatGPT the ability to use tools, network, and run computing.

For example, in the official demo, ChatGPT was plugged into Wolfram Alpha, a mathematical knowledge engine, so it no longer had to worry about imprecise numerical calculations.

It also opens two of OpenAI’s own plug-ins: the web browser and the code interpreter.

Previously, users could only query information before September 2021 because they were not connected to the Internet. But now you can not only retrieve the latest news directly, but also calculate it!

(No more ChatGPT nonsense!)

ChatGPT also allows individuals and businesses to feed their private data (documents, notes, emails, etc.) to Chatgpt to become a “second brain” for people or an intelligent assistant for businesses.

In a flash, the three-page list of third-party add-ons also includes:

Let ChatGPT look up the meaning of words and phrases in languages around the world

Let ChatGPT look up flight and hotel information and help you plan your trip

Give ChatGPT access to e-commerce data to help you compare prices and even order directly

Connect ChatGPT to Zapier and connect to almost any office software to create your own smart workflow

And this is just the beginning. The permissions and methods for making plugins will also be open to developers.

A veteran programmer lamented:

I’ve developed plug-in systems for a lot of software, and the ChatGPT plug-in interface is probably the craziest and most impressive I’ve seen in my life.

Andrej Karpathy, former head of AI at Tesla who has just returned to OpenAI, says:

The GPT class model is a new type of computer architecture that runs on text and can “talk” not only to us humans, but also to existing software infrastructure, with apis being the first step and plug-ins the second.

ChatGPT has eyes and ears
Officially, the plug-in features a language model design tool with security as its core principle

(Well, in other words, not so fast.)

OpenAI still has to get users on a waiting list.

However, they do say that while it is currently in Alpha and prioritizing a few developers and ChatGPT Plus users, they do guarantee that:

It is only a matter of time before it opens up on a larger scale.

From the “preliminary features” that have been implemented so far, ChatGPT already has three capabilities:

Access the latest information, such as sports scores, stock prices, the latest news;

Retrieve knowledge base information, such as company files, personal notes, running calculations;

Perform operations on behalf of users, such as booking airline tickets, ordering food.

Currently supported third-party add-ons include restaurant recommendations, travel planning, shopping, AI language teachers, online stores, as well as academic knowledge application Wolfram, application library (interacting with over 5000 applications, including Google Forms)…

This seems to almost cover our life, food, clothing, housing, work and study.


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