ChatGPT Plus service has a BUG about Payment Page


James Laidler was trying to sign up for ChatGPT Plus on Monday when he discovered that the OpenAI website had leaked users’ email addresses.

Laidler made an error signing up for ChatGPT Plus at 10:36 a.m. Central time (23:36 p.m. Beijing time on March 20) and, after several refreshes, landed on the payment page.

But the page doesn’t show his email address. He then refreshes the payment page again and either encounters a glitch or a random display of someone’s email address.

“In my test, I saw the email addresses of four users,” he said. “This was clearly someone else’s contact information.” IT Home visited Reddit and Twitter and found that this was not an isolated case, as users began reporting the problem on Monday.

“This is horrible,” said one Reddit community user. I am now very concerned about the security of my account and bank details “.


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