ChatGPT:The Evolution of iPhone: An In-Depth Look at the iPhone 13


The year 2023 marked a significant shift in the world of technology as mobile phones ceased to be the talk of the town. Instead, the focus shifted to the emergence of AI, with robots taking center stage. Among the most popular AI technologies was Chat GPT, whose launch shook the world. Some people were even worried that AI would entirely replace their jobs.   The level of intelligence exhibited by Chat GPT is nothing short of remarkable. It seems that there is nothing Chat GPT does not know, and it can answer any question posed to it logically and clearly, just like a natural person. The widespread use of Chat GPT has inspired a review to gauge its level of expertise.

In its review of the iPhone 13, Chat GPT provided a comprehensive introduction to its appearance, including its body materials, smaller notch screens, and color options. It also assured users that the smaller Liu Haiping did not affect the original function and could achieve a higher display area. In terms of performance, Chat GPT accurately introduced the characteristics of the A15 chip. However, it could not provide a subjective experience, specific running scores, or frame rate performance.

Regarding image performance, ChatGPT accurately introduced specific configuration information. It was also aware of the significant improvements made in low-light environments and night mode. However, Chat GPT had not used the product and could not give a specific experience. On the topic of battery life, Chat GPT was aware of the number of hours improved and the reasons behind it. It also provided users with some knowledge about power-saving features.

While Chat GPT’s evaluation of the iPhone 13 accurately described the model’s configuration, its lack of experience prevented it from giving a subjective assessment. Nevertheless, ChatGPT’s IQ was significantly more robust than other AI technologies.

Chat GPT’s working principle combines supervised learning and reinforcement learning, using a unique human feedback reinforcement learning (RLHF) training method. Its language model is based on a large amount of text data from the internet and can generate corresponding text answers based on the input content. Chat GPT performs probabilistic modeling on the language text, predicting the next paragraph of output content, which looks more like a person.

Unlike previous AI technologies, Chat GPT supports continuous dialogue functions, and its semantic understanding is better than traditional AI. Chat GPT can provide a complete chat function instead of one question and one answer, making it more intelligent. It can also actively admit its mistakes and record them into the model according to the user’s responses to become more innovative. Based on unreliable user answers, Chat GPT can identify the authenticity of the information by itself and make adjustments accordingly.

In answer to an interesting question about whether it could replace human editors, ChatGPT recognized that, in some cases, it is not as good as human editors. However, it did acknowledge that it could already replace some essential work. The development speed of AI is beyond our imagination, and it may become the MOSS in “The Wandering Earth” in the future, writing science fiction into reality.

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