The new Chatgpt-based version of Bing has four modes: Sydney, Assistant, Friend, and Game


Microsoft is exploring new chat modes to make the new Chatgpt-based Bing work in different ways. According to the source, there are four new Bing modes: Sydney, Assistant, Friend, and Game. For now, only Microsoft employees and developers are allowed to switch between different modes.

As Bleeping Computer’s Lawrence Abrams reports, you can switch between different modes by typing “#mode” on the command line.

iGeekphone follows the differences between these four modes:

Sydney model

This is the default mode in the current version of Bing, which uses Bing Search and ChatGPT to answer users’ questions.

Assistant mode:

With this mode enabled, the AI chat tool can act as a personal assistant for users, helping them book flights, send emails, set reminders and other tasks.
Friend mode:

After this mode is enabled, the AI chat tool can chat with the user as a friend, and you can talk about your interests, hobbies, feelings, and more.

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Game mode:

With this mode enabled, the AI chat tool can play puzzles, Hangman, Tic-tac-toe, and more with the user.

The new version of Bing will have specific behaviors and features when different modes are enabled. The new Bing isn’t perfect yet, but Microsoft hopes to improve its performance by interacting with users.


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