Check the unique 3D XK X100 DEXTERITY – A 2.4G 6G Mode Indoor Drone


If you search in the drone market, you can find a few that say that they can offer 3D capacities, i.e. a 180 degrees flip. Most of them call these models as “Easy3D” models. What is different here, is that as soon the sense that you are flying inverted, the MCU is reversing for you associated commands and throttle behavior. The XK X100 is one of these Easy3D drones. What makes it 3D drone!? It features accro/rate mode and must be flown like a Helicopter CP machine.

The XK DEXTERITY X100 RC Quadcopter can fly up to 100mm away. It’s a BNF version who can do 3D rollover, fly in all directions. Features six axis for more stable flying and has a 0820 coreless motor for better flying. Features a 3.7V 250mAh Li-po battery, which when is fully charged you can fly the drone for about 5-6 min and after that you will need about 60 mins to fully charge. The transmitter included needs 4 x AA batteries which as usually are not included. The dimensions of the drone are 140 x 140 x 40mm  and weights about 37g.

The XK DEXTERITY X100 RC Quadcopter with the motor that we mentioned before, you are sure that can have a strong power to fly. The X100 is suitable for beginners, since is break resistant, with simple structure. The inverted flying ability can happen only when in 6G mode. It features 2 in 1 USB charger set that means 2 batteries can be charged at the same time. The X100 is equipped with a highlight colorful LED lights,which makes it more dazzle beautiful and colorful during the night flight.

The X100 is compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS communication protocols, supports all transmitter of FUTABA S-FHSS. The XK DEXTERITY X100 RC Quadcopter.

The XK DEXTERITY X100 RC Quadcopter is a very interested drone and very beautiful at the same time. You can get it at Flash Sales at Cafago for only 34.54$!


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