CHEERSON CX-70 BATDRONE RC Quadcopter Design, Features Review


CHEERSON CX – 70 BATDRONE RC Quadcopter comes with a small remote control that can also be placed on a wrist bracelet! It has a stand to place a smartphone. Indeed, the CX-70 has a wifi module that sends the image filmed on board in real time (or almost) to the smartphone. The multirotor can also be operated with the smartphone without the radio control. No GPS on board.


CHEERSON CX – 70 RC quadcopter features the extremely portable and wearable wrist watch design, striking a new high in the development of UAV. CHEERSON CX – 70 RC drone bears a vivid resemblance of the bat whose wings can be rolled but they remain straight during the flight. The flexibility of CX – 70 multi-copter is extremely amazing. The CX-70 Bat Drone measures 27.5 x 16 x 4 cm for a weight of 102 grams, with brushed engines and 7.5 cm propellers.


Any operator can control it effortlessly since it is equipped with functions including Air Press Altitude Hold, One Key Takeoff, One Key Landing and so on. It also allows users to switch left-hand/right-hand throttle and control it with either the transmitter or their phone. Every time you want to fly, replace the electronic watch with the battery, straighten the wings of the little bat and the awesome aerial robot will be ready to take off. The battery is a Lipo 2S 7.4V of 350 mAh for an autonomy of 5 minutes. The camera on board is a 0.3-megapixel camera that takes interpolated photos 720 x 576 pixels and videos in 480 x 384 pixels, with a range of about 20 meters. An amusing, amazing concept. but one wonders all the same whether it flies!


CX70 BAT  is new FPV drone with detachable arms and wearable wrist watch. Has CX70 BAT something more to offer the users than cool  BAT inspired look? Despite the fact, that Cheerson CX70 is FPV and WiFi drone, the RC distance is only 30m, so it’s a kind of drone toy, we can’t say that we will enjoy real FPV. The CX-70 can be also used as the wearable wrist watch. The CX-70 Bat Drone is available at less than $67.60 at Gearbest.


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