Cherry Announced MC 4000 Gaming Mouse at $29.99


Cherry as an old brand for computer input devices has released its Cherry MC 4000 Gaming mouse today, which is a good device for higher efficiency by a superior optical sensor and a sliding surface.It consists of two color illumination and six buttons. So Cherry is preparing to improve its weak line in gaming mouse.


It’s different from other gaming mouse with DPI (dots per inch) adjustment, Cherry MC 4000 only supports  either 1,000 or 2,000 DPI.  In order to differentiate, Cherry designed blue optical and red optical, blue for 1,000 DPI and red for 2,000 DPI. It has high-speed motion detection of 1.5 meters per second (60 IPS).


Meanwhile, Cherry MC 4000 has perfect control by 360 degree sliding pad, which ensures the smooth and stable movement. Due to symmetrical design, Cherry MC 4000 provides the best ergonomics, so that it can be the best input device for left and right handed users comfortably, especially for those long stretches of work.


Right now Cherry MC 4000 will be officially available in September at $29.99, so are you ready to try this good device for your higher efficiency work?


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