Cherry launched KW 9200 MINI slim Keyboard


German Cherry has introduced the KW 9200 MINI keyboard, which is slim and compact, perfect for mobile office.

The keyboard features CHERRY SX scissor foot technology, providing a very quiet, precise typing experience. The design is small, but it still has many features. Users can press the FN key to access special features, such as picture or volume control or play/pause and track selection. If they want to keep using these special features, just press the Lock FN key.

Connected, the KW 9200 MINI supports three-mode connectivity, including 2.4GHz wireless connection, Bluetooth connection and USB wired connection for up to four devices at the same time.

Two of them are connected by Bluetooth, and one is each for 2.4GHz wireless connection and USB wired connection. The F1-F4 keys can be used to easily switch between each device and control the corresponding device.

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In addition, the keyboard supports battery status display, where the LED light flashes when the built-in lithium battery needs to be charged, while the LED status indicator on the key is also very useful in daily work, showing when the shift key or FN lock key is activated.

The Cherry KW 9200 MINI will go on sale on March 23, priced at €84.99.


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