CHUWI 4096 Pressure Levels stylus HiPen H6 Released, Compatible with Microsoft Surface PC Series


Equipped with Core m3- 8100Y processor,  8G+128G SSD combination,powerful performance and portable design,CHUWI versatile 2-in-1 tablet UBook Pro, which ended the campaign on IndieGoGo last week, has been backed by more than 500 users from all over the world. During the campaign on IndieGoGo, CHUWI upgraded the original 2048 pressure levels to incredible 4096 pressure levels stylus HiPen H6. Not only for UBook Pro, but HiPen H6 is also compatible with the Microsoft Surface’s tablets and laptops.

HiPen H6 can be a useful tool to create professional drawing software. The stylus with 4096 pressure levels enables the lines to be drawn with different pressure. The more pressure sensitivity a stylus has, the more you will be able to vary the size of your strokes with pressure. The stylus can be more efficient when editing a document or making notes on a tablet.  HiPen H6 can perceive your palm intelligently. Even with multi-touch, the screen can still recognize the writing of the stylus just right.

HiPen H6 is equipped with a high-density Li-ion battery. Intelligent power management provides up to 90 days of continuous writing, standby up to 180 days. HiPen H6 can be charged quickly via a Micro USB port. Instead of replacing AAAA batteries as frequently as a regular stylus, it can be more economical without purchasing a battery.

Not only for Chuwi UBook Pro, but HiPen H6 is also compatible with the Microsoft Surface’s tablets and laptops. With the same MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol) as the Surface series, HiPen H6 can also work flawlessly on Surface laptop/tablet devices. With 1/5 the price of the surface pen, HiPen H6 can be a great cost-efficient alternative for writing/painting on surface devices. For More information about HiPen H6 please refer to the official link. CHUWI has a Giveaway activity can win free UBook Pro, detailed information please refer to the link.


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