Chuwi Aerobook Is Called the Affordable Windows Version Of Macbook Pro


A few days ago, Chuwi started fundraising for the release of a Chuwi Aerobook laptop at the collective funding on Indiegogo. The required amount of 30K was quickly collected, now it is almost $130K. The project was supported by more than 300 people. The first buyers will receive a novelty in April at a price of $399, while after the release it will be $499. Until the end of the fundraising campaign, there are still more than three weeks.

The manufacturer calls the device the Windows version of the MacBook Pro, which costs significantly less.

Unlike the MacBook Pro, the AeroBook is designed with clear edges and corners, in contrast to the more rounded designs at the edges, which give a uniform aesthetic and a sense of order and symmetry.

The design of both machines is very similar since both offer an almost identical size and weight, and both are super thin, having about 15 mm.

Inside, you can see that the CHUWI team adopted the ultra-thin edge design on the Aerobook, with two of its sides feeling about 30% thinner than the 5mm MacBook Pro. The design of the MacBook Pro looks pretty conservative in comparison.

When looking at the keyboard design, you can see that these two products are of the same quality, but if you look closer, you can see that there are some differences. While the Aerobook does not have a touch bar, the most obvious difference comes from the CHUWI AeroBook, including the keyboard with thinner edges, which offers better visualization with the thin edge of the screen and allows typing comfortably, such How it feels with a full keyboard, but in a more compact and portable way.

If seen closer, the AeroBook has 5 additional keys and offers full-size navigation keys compared to the MacBook Pro. This change improves the typing experience on the AeroBook making it as comfortable as possible.

To summarize, you can see the CHUWI AeroBook really deserves the title of being considered the “Windows version of the MacBook Pro” in all possible ways, for its design, materials, and technology. If you are looking for an alternative to the MacBook, but also a beautiful design, a powerful laptop, it is definitely worth trying the CHUWI AeroBook. Remember that you can still find it at a discount price. Take advantage of the Indiegogo promotion.

There is no doubt that this is a laptop that looks spectacular and its prices are not bad at all. With a 20% discount for a limited time.


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