Chuwi CoreBook Hybrid With Fingerprint Reader & Stylus Surface Pro Competitor Coming in Few Hours On November 15th


Just five months after launching the SurBook laptop, Chuwi, an emerging name, especially in tablet computing, has suddenly launched a new product called the CoreBook. This is a hybrid device between a tablet and a laptop with relatively strong configuration, promising to be a direct competitor to Surface Pro from Microsoft.

CoreBook is launching on Indiegogo on the November 15 in the following time zones:
6:00 AM November 15, PST.
2:00 PM November 15, UCT.
10:00 PM November 15, Beijing time.

In this latest ad, Chuwi has confirmed that CoreBook will use the processor provided by Intel, which is likely to be the Core M3 7Y30 (Intel KabyLake processor) with 6GB of RAM and storage support to 128GB (eMMC 5.1). Such configuration is more than enough to meet basic needs such as surfing the web, watching movies, playing games or doing office tasks. In addition, this device will also own a lot of unique features such as fingerprint sensor, stylus with 1024 levels of the force sensor and super fast charger.

The touchscreen is also a highlight of the CoreBook. The 13.3-inch, 1080 Full HD display delivers sharp, true-to-life visibility even when used outdoors, whether in work or play. In addition, CoreBook also has the ability to easily connect to other devices (such as TVs) for a better visual experience.

Because CoreBook is a hybrid product with the same features as a real laptop, users can fully use accessories such as keyboards to take advantage of the full capabilities of this device. In particular, the dedicated keyboard for the CoreBook is also equipped with a base to create a 165 degrees tilt angle, feeling like using a traditional laptop.

So far, Surface Pro has always been an important Microsoft brand, attracting a lot of tech-savvy users as it can be used as a laptop As if to use as a large size tablet. However, the “sky” of this device is one of the biggest barriers that users have to consider whether to “open purse” or not.

And with the CoreBook, Chuwi promises to break the uniqueness of Microsoft and is an equally attractive option for consumers. Currently, the specs for this product have not been revealed yet, but with just one minute of advertising, we’ve also seen CoreBook as an attractive and potential device. Chuwi Corebook will be released soon on 15/11/2017.


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