CHUWI CoreBook X Review – 14-Inch Laptop (16+256GB) at $550.54 From Gearbest


Chuwi is reinventing the concept of the ultrabook, bringing you large screens, sleek design, and premium chassis. The new Chuwi CoreBook X is a new twist on this concept, packing even more power than previous versions while maintaining the minimalist design. Lightweight, slim, and with efficient heat dissipation, want to know what makes this Chuwi laptop even better? Read on and you’ll find out everything about this new laptop.


Chuwi CoreBook X has an impressively compact design because of its 14″ display size. It almost copies the lovely bezels and the metallic unibody of MacBook Air. You can carry this device using a single hand. It is ultra-portable to take with you on travels around the world. CoreBook X has a 2K HD IPS display that only expensive laptops have. Not only this, but it has other hardware boosters that are setting a benchmark. If you love using Apple MacBook Air, this alternative laptop can be life-changing. It is half the price of a MacBook device and has features that can compete with it. Thus, you can save a lot by skipping the expensive laptop and buying a CoreBook X.


Chuwi places such high-performance hardware in the CoreBook X that it performs ultra responsively. It is seldom that we find the right balance of specs for a laptop. Chuwi CorBook X is one of these laptops that you can buy at a low price. It has an Intel Core i5 processor with the Iris 650 graphics GPU. Thus, you can compare the premium laptops like the Microsoft Surface that hosts the same specs at a higher price. The vivid 2K display pleases when watching online streams. There is 16GB RAM with a 256GB SSD ROM for ultra-fast boot times.

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There are additional features of Chuwi CoreBook X that only premium and expensive laptops offer. These are the USB-C ports and a massive 46.2Wh battery. Thus, you can work and watch movies without the worry of battery drainage. The 2K Full HD IPS display with a resolution of 2160*1440p can showcase high-quality videos. You can use headphones with a wire or without it. The WIFI and the Bluetooth have the latest versions with 2.4G/5G Dual Bands. CoreBook X is almost the perfect laptop in its price range. CoreBook X offers PD 2.0 fast charging to make you wait for less time.


Chuwi CoreBook X performs quite well in terms of performance. With a high-performance I5 processor, 16GB large memory, and high-speed SSD storage, it provides better satisfaction for the diversity of office requirements. It can not only cope with simple daily office work perfectly but also run applications with higher performance requirements. We can buy it from Gearbest at $550.54 in Flash Sale.


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