CHUWI Hi10 Air: A 2-in-1 Win10 Tablet Which Will Surprise You Unexpectedly


Nowadays, many 2-in-1 Win10 tablets are lighter and thinner than laptops. Taking CHUWI Hi10 Air as an example, let’s see the advantages of the 2-in-1 Win10 tablets over notebooks.

Lighter than a notebook

As CHUWI Hi10 Air is designed with a detachable keyboard, the body is only 8.5mm thick and it weighs 522g. Compared with MacBook Air which is 15.6mm thick and 1.25Kg heavy, the weight of CHUWI Hi10 Air is reduced by 60%, more portability for carrying.

Touchable and Stylus Supportable

Chuwi Hi10 Air is equipped with a 10.1-inch FHD IPS screen, which not only shows more vivid details, but also supports ten-touch, and can be operated as a mobile phone, more convenient and faster. In addition, CHUWI Hi10 Air also supports a pressure-sensitive stylus, which can freely write graffiti on the screen.

Authorized Windows 10 OS

Unlike other 2-in-1 Android tablets, CHUWI Hi10 Air comes with an Intel quad-core processor based on X86 architecture, pre-installed Windows 10 OS, perfectly running office software. With Onedrive’s cloud backup and synchronization, it can highly improve your work efficiency.

Besides, CHUWI Hi10 Air also has a 6,500mAh battery with longer lifetime; The ultra-low-voltage Intel Cherry Trai-X5 Z8350 quad-core processor runs at 1.92GHz, higher performance but lower power consumption. The Docking keyboard with magnetic absorption connection can be used as a notebook. If you’re thinking about buying an office device, consider CHUWI Hi10 Air which is currently available at Aliexpress.


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