Chuwi Hi10 Air Is Coming Soon, Is It A Good Convertible Tablet ?


Chuwi is one of the most active brands in the tablet segment. The company is now preparing to present its new model, the Chuwi Hi10 Air. The first photos of the same have already been revealed, a convertible tablet that can undoubtedly give many possibilities to users, since it can be conveniently converted into a laptop.

The launch of the same will take place shortly, but we have the first data on it. In addition to the first images, as you can see below.

As usual in the signature tablets, we find a quality model that promises to have a price that is as accessible as possible. This Chuwi Hi10 Air will have an IPS screen of 10.1 inches in size, with a resolution of 1200 * 1920 pixels. It is a model with dimensions of 261.8 × 167.3 × 8.8 mm and a weight of 562 grams. It is very thin, which makes it very comfortable to take it everywhere with you. Ideal for traveling

For its manufacture, the company has used quality materials. It presents a solid, elegant design that makes it resistant, so it is good to take on a trip. In addition, we have fast charging, which allows you to fully charge your battery in less than 3 hours of time. As expected, it has keyboard support, which allows us to use it to work at all times.

The launch of this Chuwi Hi10 Air will take place soon. You can be attentive to this launch on the company’s website, in this link. If you want to become one of the retail traders of us, you can follow this link to check out more information.

Right now, Chuwi has a promotion event to ease the wait times for the new tablet, because you can for the Chuwi Hi9 Air up until October 10th, the flash sale itself will start on 11.15 BST – 17:15 BST October 14th. With the coupons, you can get it in just £189.54 (about $218.62).


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