Chuwi Hi10 Plus Remix OS, Windows 10, Android 5.1 OS ROM Download


Chuwi HI10 Plus has been released for some time, and it has been tested for many users to prove its superior quality. Sometimes, the tablet is bricked for wrong operation, we need to prepare the ROM for Chuwi HI10 Plus Remix OS, Windows 10 OS, and Android 5.1 OS. Right now Chuwi has provided the official Chuwi HI10 Plus ROM.

[Official Version] [4G/64G] Chuwi Hi10 Plus Download:

Chuwi Hi10 Plus use same system files with Chuwi Vi10 plus, except for Bios.

Remix OS:
Chuwi Hi10 Plus Remix OS 2.0: … singleboot.rar?dl=0

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Android 5.1: …

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Windows – Seven Parts: … G6CzwsxWiSw1da?dl=0
(The Windows file is so large, i divided it into seven parts so that you can download it easily)

Chuwi Hi10 Plus All Drivers: …

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Touch Driver: … h%20driver.rar?dl=0

(Pls refer to Vi10 Plus tutorial)


Above documents are used for Z8300 CPU Hi10 Plus, before serial number Hi10 Q64G42160804000 (including this serial number)

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Z8350 (20161118)  Andorid, Windows Download: (after serial number Hi10 Q64G42160804000 )

Android :
Chuwi Hi10 Plus (Z8350) Android download:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … xa2ozcb6waup20pere6

Windows :
Chuwi Hi10 Plus (Z8350) Windows download: …
or   https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … ef6i008721sy857wuls

Update on Sept.8 ,2017
CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC
Coupon code: Hi10PlusK
SP: $156.99

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount
10.13 10.31 CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC with Keyboard 149.99 907Hi10 100
11.14 11.30 CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC 155.99 GBTPC04 30

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