Chuwi Hi10 Plus VS Chuwi HI10 Pro VS Chuwi HI10 Review(Flash Sale)


Chuwi as one of most famous Chinese tablet pc manufacturers, right now has prepared for a big flash sale for its 12th anniversary in order to appreciate for many years’ support. Today we would like to introduce three hot models to make comparison among them, so that you can know which one will be suitable for your choices.They are Chuwi HI10 Plus which is the latest model in Chuwi HI10 series, other two are Chuwi HI10 Pro and Chuwi HI10.  So which one is most powerful? And which one is in biggest flash sale?

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Chuwi HI10

Chuwi HI10 Pro

Chuwi HI10 Plus


Chuwi HI10 Plus this time chooses larger screen with 10.8 inch 1920 x 1280 3:2 aspect ratio, 450 nits screen brightness, which complied with the name ‘Plus’, but the previous model, Chuwi HI10 Pro and Chuwi HI10 both uses 10.1inch  IPS Touch Screen with 1920 x 1200 Resolution, the larger screen is, the higher screen resolution Chuwi chooses. We believe most users would like to select larger screen and better screen resolution to enjoy better screen quality to watch videos, play games, read e-books, etc.

Chuwi HI10

Chuwi HI10 Pro

Chuwi HI10 Pro



They are all powered by Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core 1.84GHz processor, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM internal storage, so the hardware performance will not change much, this kind of processor belongs the most popular and most efficiency one for most tablet pcs. We can operate large games by these tablet pc without any problem, it shows amazing fluency and smoothness. And RAM 4GB helps run your apps more fluently, and ROM 64GB is large enough to store more big files. If you still think it’s not enough for you, you can insert a TF card to expand.


Chuwi HI10

Chuwi HI10 Pro


Chuwi HI10 Plus

This three tablet pcs of Chuwi all have dual camera with 2MP front and 2MP back camera, for most users, this kind of camera will not meet their needs, but compared with those tablet pc with 0.2 MP front camera, or only built in back camera, Chuwi tablet pc has made breakthrough. We can still do facing time by this three tablet pcs. And as for back camera, we don’t have to take them out to take photos outside. Because it will be not so clear. Anyway, right now 2MP back camera is very high.



Chuwi HI10 Plus 8400mAh Battery


Chuwi HI10 Pro and Chuwi HI 6500mAh Battery

This time Chuwi HI10 Plus this time has improved its battery to 8400mAh, but Chuwi HI10 Pro and Chuwi HI10 only has 6500mAh battery, we believe most users are more fond of large capacity of its battery, Chuwi HI10 Plus has made it, 8400mAh battery for a tablet pc can support at least one day for normal use. We can take our tablet pc for travel to use it freely, no worry about the battery.



Chuwi HI10 Plus Dual OS


Chuwi HI10 Pro and HI10 Dual OS

They are different from their own OS. Chuwi HI10 Plus runs the latest Windows 10 + Remix OS 2.0 OS, but other two runs windows 10 and android5.1 OS. As you know, Remix OS 2.0 is quite popular now, even famous than Android5.1 OS. Because more and more manufacturers would like to try its first Remix OS tablet PC. Chuwi HI0 Plus has really made it. Therefore, if you have Chuwi HI10 or Chuwi HI10 Pro, you can enjoy their main difference among them. Then you will know which OS will be more practical and powerful.

Other Functions


Chuwi HI10 Plus and HI10 Pro USB Type C

For many foreigners, language of the tablet pc supported become one of most important factor to buy one. Chuwi HI10 Plus Windows OS supports Chinese and customers can download multiple languages by connecting WiFi, and Remix OS supports multi-language. And other two Windows OS is built-in Chinese and English, and other languages need to be downloaded by WiFi. Android OS supports multi-language. Chuwi HI10 Plus supports Type C, HDMI+ WIDI output, and OTG function. Chuwi HI10 Plus and HI10 Pro supports USB Type C function, but Chuwi HI10 doesn’t have. They all support google play store for downloading useful apps.

Chuwi HI10

Chuwi HI10 Pro

Chuwi HI10 Plus


According to comparison, we can know Chuwi HI10 Plus is the most powerful one right now compared with others, of course the price of Chuwi HI10 Plus is higher than others. Currently, Chuwi is holding 12th Anniversary for big flash sale, you can only enjoy Chuwi HI10 Plus at $198.99, Chuwi HI10 Pro at $154.99, and Chuwi HI10 at  $199.46 for Windows version. Therefore, do you know which one you choose? Don’t miss the flash sale to catch them at the best price.

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount
10.7 10.31 CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC with Keyboard 157.99 Hi10PlusV 50
10.13 10.31 CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC with Keyboard 149.99 907Hi10 100
11.14 11.30 CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC 155.99 GBTPC04 30




  1. The Chu Hi 10 Plus Very impressive I can tell its well crafted its also updated and its features are the coolest I especially like the picture quality and the size is as plus the slim sleek design very beautiful I defiantly love work put in to make this tablet

  2. Talking about innovations . Chuwi laptops and tablets is the best way to go. They are competitive in such a way that the features give you the best opinion possible, camera, storage, the design itself and many more. They are handy dandy, you can carry them everywhere you go because they are very light weight. Plus, when it come to browsing it’s fast . Great product and highly recommendable .

  3. You forgot to mention that the optional keyboard for Chuwi Hi10 Pro has 2 additional USB Typ A connections and the keyboard for the Chuwi Hi10 Plus does NOT have these!
    On the other hand includes the keyboard for the Chuwi Hi10 Plus a protective cover which the one for Chuwi Hi10 Pro doesn’t have.
    So it is up to the users to decide what is more important to them.
    Personally I could live without the cover (which could be purchased separately) and with the smaller battery (I have a small 10.000mah powerbank), but have too additional USB ports and my tab looks like a netbook when the keyboard is attached.
    For those of you who like to watch videos on your tab, the larger screen of the Chuwi Hi10 Plus might not be ideal, because it has a aspect ratio of 3:2 which means 15:10. So you will have pretty wide black bars on top and bottom of the screen while watching videos due to the fact that most of them are recorded in 16:9.
    The Chuwi Hi10 Pro only has 16:10 ratio so these black bars are not as wide on this tab.

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