Chuwi Hibook Pro Tablet PC is coming at the end of the month


Chuwi leaked the news that they will release Chuwi hibook pro at the end of this month, which is very important for Chuwi. Chuwi prepared fans activity to make the giveaway every day.

Chuwi Hi12 runs Windows 10 and Android Dual os, supporting one key to switch. Chuwi HI12 has the mainstream performance. It is powered by Intel X5 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, it can expand to 128G by tf card. It uses the eighth HD graphics, which can run Win10 perfectly to play the games like LOL, Crossfire, etc. In addition, the all metal body, revertible keyboard can kill the other ultrabook. This time it is built in HIPen with high preciseness. It is easy for handwriting, words erasing to make mail more individual. The ordinary handwriting makes the word richer to keep it in image.

Chuwi Hibook is powered by Intel Cherry Trail processor, and 8th generation HD Graphics processor, using RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage. It also support Windows 10 and Android5.1 OS, 6600mAh battery. The battery life supports up to 6 to 8 hours. It uses USB type C. It is available for docking two way interface inserted into the keyboard. It supports Micro HDMI output, and It can use bluetooth, access to game controller, steering wheel, and rocker arm.

As for Chuwi hibook pro, we still don’t have much news about it. We need to wait until this end of this month.


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