Chuwi Lapbook Air Notebook with 6mm thickness is Arriving Soon


As we know, in notebooks, Apple is the best brand, they have released MacBook series with good feedback. but for some users, it is very expensive to afford one, therefore, we need to find some alternatives. Currently, Chuwi is going to introduce this new notebook, Chuwi Lapbook Air, if we hide the logo of Chuwi, we thought it is Apple MacBOOK Air. Because it really look same with thin and light design.

Just check it closely, it has backlight on the log, which looks smooth and quiet, couple with backlight keyboard, so you can use it at night without losing light to feel alone.

When you measure the thinness of this Lapbook air, it only has 6 mm thickness which may be the thinnest one in the world. So are you shocked by this kind of design?

Besides, it has 14.1 inch laptop with full metal body, it only weighs 1.3kgs, which is very sleek and comfortable with matte material, you will feel the same as that touching the Macbook and Surface laptop. And it brings larger screen-to-body ratio because of close-to-zero bezel design.

And it adopts full lamination to make the bezel-less glass close knit with LCD panel, which can watch videos so vibrant and detailed. Even you close Chuwi Lapbook Air, you will see pure black surfaces very cool. Check More here.  Stay tuned.



  1. 6mm thickness?? Don’t you believe your own eyes? This notebook has standard USB-connections if the pics are relieable and these alone are some 6mm. Or you mean the standard marketing lie that measures thickness not at the thickest part of the given device but at the sometimes much more thiner edge.

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