Chuwi LapBook SE Also Allows You to Install Chromium OS


The Chinese brand Chuwi is an extreme-eastern company that designs and manufactures desktop PCs, notebooks, mini PCs, tablets, 2-in-1 convertibles and accessories of remarkable quality at very aggressive prices. Today, the company confirms what was published by a user on XDA, that LapBook SE notebook commercialized with Windows 10 pre-installed also allows the installation of Chromium OS.

Preinstalled in the device is Windows 10 but a user (see this post on the XDA forum ) was able to install Chromium OS in the LapBook SE of Chuwi. Chromium OS is the opensource project from which Google’s Chrome OS operating system is directly derived: confirming that Chuwi’s LapBook SE is versatile, Windows 10 can therefore be replaced with Chromium OS .

Although Chuwi does not support and does not encourage the installation of Chromium OS, the company has nevertheless verified the procedure published by the user on XDA confirming that it is successful. In the article, we published the images that have been transmitted to us directly by Chuwi and that portray a LapBook SE with Chromium OS.

The excellent LapBook SE , a compact notebook (the IPS display measures 13.3 inches) but good performance thanks to the quad-core processor Intel Gemini Lake N4100, to 4GB of RAM DDR4, to the 160GB SSD combined with 32GB of eMMC storage. Here you can check out complete the specs of LapBook SE.


Currently, Chuwi LapBook SE is available at less than 250 euros (about $288) at Aliexpress, Chuwi LapBook SE combines level performance with unmatched manageability and usability: consists of a borderless backlit keyboard(brightness is freely adjustable), the frame around the screen is reduced to the minimum terms, the thickness is equal to 7mm at the thinnest point.


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